KidsMathApp: A Simple yet Powerful Way for Kids to Learn Maths

KidsMathApp: A Simple yet Powerful Way for Kids to Learn Maths

If you have been a student then you would probably know what fear of a subject can do to your mind. It is not just about performing poorly in a test. From avoiding to study and understanding the basic concepts to running away from that subject at the first sight, most of us have been there. A lot of students also pick up subjects which they have no knowledge of just because they will be able to leave that particular subject behind. One such scary looking subject is Mathematics. Majority of students run away from it and try to avoid it. Even though it is such a beautiful subject and is considered as one of the most important fields in science, it can be pretty tough to get around. Learning it in classes is not a big deal, the problem arises when you have to practice it regularly to get concepts in your head. The level does get hard eventually and so does the fear.

Learn Maths

So in order to change the situation parents and guardians look for alternatives like extra tutors, more practice time dedicated to the subject, and what not. Many companies have also worked on the same and have developed applications that help kids and students of various age groups in coping up.





The recently released application by the Systweak Software has been particularly designed to ease the process of learning basic Mathematics for young kids and preschoolers. So why does one need it?

If you are a guardian or a parent then it is perfectly understandable that you would want everything best for your kid. Getting a hold of maths has never been a piece of cake for anyone and if there are no good teachers available then this hard task becomes harder. And if the parents are themselves not well versed in the subject then there arises a dire need to get a hold of the situation before it gets worse. This app is fun, interactive and has been designed to teach in a playful manner. Only the basics like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication have been introduced as modules in the application making it easily understandable even by the kids. Let’s look at some of the amazing features and benefits that you would get with the application.

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Cost Effective

No more burning holes through pockets or paying exponentially high to fancy institutes. This application is free to install, download and use. The modules in it are also free and students can concentrate easily without getting disturbed by an application asking them to pay up for the premium version.

Intuitive Interface

The user interface on this application has been designed to be simple and easy to understand and navigate. Not just adults but young kids with no prior knowledge of this application can also work with it easily. They won’t have to waste their time searching for menus or options, all of it can be found easily.

Intuitive Interface

Brain Development

Mathematics is no stranger when it comes to indulging the brain intensely than what it gets in daily activities. In many researches it has been found that the more you practice mathematical concepts the sharper your brain will function. It is like your brain is getting a workout. So if you are using puzzles, games, etc. to sharpen your neuron activity then getting on your old math textbooks will get you better results.

Better Understanding

As mentioned earlier, maths is something that is considered as one of the toughest subjects on earth by millions or probably billions of people. So if you don’t want your kid to run away from it like most students do, the only way forward is to go through it. Clear understanding and conceptual knowledge will not only help your kid score good marks but also will help him to take interest in this amazing field of study.

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Easy on eyes

If you are worried about your kid’s eyes and how they are going to be affected by continuous staring at the screen then don’t. The application comes with light and dark mode even if your Android device does not support it. If your kid is studying in low light conditions or near to his or her sleep time then you can turn to dark mode. This will reduce the strain and will also be easy on your kids eyes.

So these were some of the features and benefits of using KidsMathApp that I wanted to share with you. It has been coded to play light music while the app is on but if your kid is facing problems in concentrating while studying then you can also turn it off.

Hope it helps.

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