Mobile App Push Notifications Guide for Startup Founders & Product Manager

Mobile App Push Notifications Guide for Startup Founders & Product Manager
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Currently, there are more than 3.48 million apps on Google Play Store and about 2.22 million apps on the Apple App Store. So if you are going for a startup or you are a product manager your task is not going to be so easy.

You have to come up with a solid technique that not only helps you to reach an audience throughout the world but also convinces them to purchase from you.

You might be wondering which technique can offer you this all? Well, push notifications are the ones you can go with. You can easily target audiences from around the world using Flutter push notifications.

Want to know how?

Let us dig deeper.

What are Mobile App Push Notifications?

Well, push notifications are simple rich media messages that appear on the screen of your mobile. It is a special message that is delivered from a software app without the user’s request.

In other words, these are server notifications that are linked to a specific app and appear on your mobile’s screen even when the device is in sleep mode.

Types of Mobile App Push Notifications

  • Update Push Notifications: These will keep your users informed about the latest available software updates. It can also include other updates that can help your user to enjoy a rich user experience on your app.
  • Reminder Notifications: Based on user feedback and external source data a reminder is sent to a user automatically. This will prevent them from missing limited-time deals or remind them about abandoned carts.
  • Promotional Push Notifications: This is what you specifically need push notifications for. If you want to reach your user instantly with fresh arrivals, deals, offers, gifts, coupons, sales, etc, there is no match to mobile app push notifications.
  • Geolocation Push Notifications: Your business app will send push notifications to your users whenever they enter or leave a certain location.
  • Engagement or Re-engagement Push Notifications: These notifications are sent automatically with the motive of motivating the audience to show their presence on your business app.
  • Survey/Rating Push Notifications: You want to improve the performance of the app and make your uses feel special, survey/rating push notifications are the best to go with. They will collect valuable feedback from your users.
  • Recurrent Push Notifications: These notifications will be sent to users only once and that too on a specific date and time.
  • Trivia Push Notifications: These notifications will help you to reach your users with funny and entertaining messages. This will help you to make your users feel special and build a solid relationship with them.

What Push Notification can do for you?

So now you know all about push notifications, their types and so. You might be wondering what they are going to do for my business?

Well, push notifications can do a lot for you.

  • Attract Audience from around the World: Well when it comes to marketing, many businesses fail to target their potential audience. As a result, they are not able to meet their sales target. This is where mobile app push notifications can help you with. They will reach your users instantly and help you to gain more traffic.
  • Helps you to Engage and Re-engage Audience: It doesn’t matter how many users you are having by your side, if they are not showing their presence on your platform, you are going to struggle with sales. This is where automated mobile app push notifications can help you with. They will help you to engage and re-engage users.
  • Improve Brand Value: If you are a fresher, it is not easy to earn the trust of the users. This will take both time and effort. This is where you can take the help of mobile app push notifications. You can reach an audience with your brand story, vision, events, work culture, and so on. This will help you to earn trust and improve brand value.
  • Beat Market Competition: Mobile app push notifications provide you with both rich media and personalization. This means you can not only use your brand logo, Tagline, and other such media like images, graphics, videos, gifs, emojis, etc to increase conversion, you are also going to target your users effectively through personalization.

You can send personalized push notifications to increase conversions. People love to buy things and products that they are interested in.

Conclusion: When it comes to beating the market competition and establishing roots, there is no match to the mobile app push notifications. The thing is, people like to carry their mobile with them most of the time. This means you can reach them anytime you want and convince them to reach your platform. It is one of the inexpensive ways to boost your marketing.

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