6 Most Common Printer Driver Problems And Solutions

6 Most Common Printer Driver Problems And Solutions

If you are facing problems while printing and have done all the possible efforts to get rid of the problem including changing the ink cartridge but still, the problem is the same as earlier. Then, this problem could be associated with the printer’s driver. Drivers are the mainstream that ensures the effective and impeccable execution of your system. Similarly, when you face problems in connection with hardware equipment, those problems are also associated with the drivers. That means, printer’s driver is outdated and broken which is causing various problems. In this case, you need to update printer driver that is the reason why updated drivers are very essential for our system or even hardware equipment. Here, in this composed note we’ve mentioned the top 6 common printer driver problems along with their solutions. Let’s take a dip to know more about it-

Problem 1- Outdated or Broken Driver

The most common is that – might be the printer drivers are outdated or broken that’s why you are facing problems. Pinter drivers are written in a very complicated part of the software, which is no easily understandable by everyone. The often crashes, missing characters, bugs and many more are occur because of outdated or broken drivers.

Solution- The only and foremost crucial solution to this problem is to – update all the outdated drivers into the new and most recent ones. And also replaces the broken, missing, and hidden drivers with the new drivers. This is the most common solution to resolve this problem.

Problem 2- Incorrect Installation

Another common printer driver problem that matters a lot is – incorrect configuration. Sometimes, we get a notification like “Windows is unable to identify the device” this alert always prompts. But do you know why this message pop-ups frequently? This message prompts because of the incorrect installation of drivers.

Solution- The solution to resolve this problem is to re-install the printer drivers correctly. And always try to update the corrupt drivers frequently as soon as the manufacturers and developers release them. For updating and installing drivers, one can also use the free driver updater tool to automatic and frequent updates.

Problem 3- Not relevant with your running Windows version

The yet another big problem is- that the installed printer drivers are not compatible with the current windows version and even with the printer as well. This is a very crucial problem as we all are not a tech genius so we don’t be able to find out which printer driver is compatible with our windows version or even with the printer. This problem interrupts the printer to work admirably.

Solution- Always ensures that whatever printer driver you are going to install should be compatible with both windows versions and printer as well. Otherwise, it will cause big crashes while printing.

Problem 4- Printer driver files are spoiled by malware

We all know how much malware and viruses are risky to our system. Another problem that stops your printer to work impeccably is – corrupted files of printer’s driver. When your printer files have been corrupted with the malware, then it causes a barrier in the admirable working of the printer driver.

Solution- To stop this problem one needs to install good antivirus software that guards your system to no end. Users can re-install printer drivers and update the corrupted drivers.

Problem 5- Manual update of drivers

There is nothing bad in manual update processing. But it takes a lot of time to update the drivers. Apart from this, the manual update hasn’t that much effective and also skipped many important updates. On the other hand, automatic update processing updates all your corrupted, outdated, and broken drivers in just a few mouse clicks.

Solution- Always set the automatic update processing to update drivers frequently and effectively. With automatic update users just need to relax and pass the time while updating. The automatic update brings all the security patches.

Problem 6- Wrong entry of printer driver in windows registry

Sometimes, many users claim that they have had updated the drivers and still they are not getting all the functionalities as earlier. This is happening might be because your printer drivers are not compatible or the entry of printer drivers in the registry of windows is incorrect.

Solution- To overcome this problem try to re-install the printer drivers. And after re-installing you are still facing the same problem then change your driver which means to use the different driver which is compatible with your windows version.

Printer drivers are the part of software programs that is responsible for converting the data into an output when the user gives a command to the printer for printing. If you are also facing a problem while printing your documents. Then, we’ve above mentioned some common problems along with their solutions. Just fix your printer driver problem with the above-mentioned solutions and again print your documents or data like a pro.


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