New learning Methodology for the Children

New learning Methodology for the Children

There are several different approaches available today to teach children how to learn. Consider the ones that are most popular. Tone mode.
The sound method for lecturing (also known as the phonetic system) consists of the following steps:

  1. In Words 2 the infant learns to detect and discern sounds.
  2. The kid learns what letters are written in these sounds
  3. The infant tries to place the lettered sounds in syllables
  4. The kid reads the words, and then the sentences A conventional approach that has become popular is the sound way of teaching literacy.

In Soviet times they taught children to read in schools with that approach, and in many modern schools, the same technique taught children to learn.

Sound method’s Advantages

  1. Pros. The method is common in classrooms so that the child does not have to “know,” understand and do his tasks (e.g. separate the word by syllable, distinguish vowels and consonants and others)
  2. This approach is intended to improve the child’s so-called phonemical listening that helps you to hear sounds in words and emphasizes them. Voiced therapists usually support this specific form of instruction, because it allows children to rid themselves of language defects.
  3.  By the sound method, you can teach your child in any convenient location to read certain exercises.
  4. You need no costly or complicated manuals for preparation, no special preparatory work. It’s quick to use the sound system. If parents work hard and have little spare time to spend on educating a child, then this is the best way to do it. Just one pen and one piece of paper are appropriate in most exercises, and you don’t even need this for others.
  5. In schools, the sound system has long been studied. Sooner or later, all students started reading this technique.

Sound method’s Disadvantages

  1. The sound method is not suitable for early childhood supporters who would like to make the child read fluently within five or six years. As the reading instruction is a very long cycle that involves a certain stage of development of the child by means of the study of the word, the evolution of phonemic speech, sounds to syllables, syllable to words.
  2. Learning to add sounds to syllables and then into words is not so simple easy and without pause, particularly if these words are long and complicated. In order to achieve fast reading, Learn and practice a lot, you need to. Be prepared to read the words slowly, slowly and easily, with errors at first.
  3. Typically the kid does not grasp what he has read at first, as all his attempts are to learn and comprehend specific words. Reading interpretation must pay special attention.

Advantages of the Glen Doman Technique

  1. You can teach to read even a very young child.
  2. All training for the baby will look like a pleasant game, during which the child receives a large portion of adult attention and positive emotions.
  3. The baby will develop memory, he will receive (and memorize) a huge amount of various information, will be able to get encyclopedic knowledge if you do not just teach the child to read, but engage in the method of Glenn Doman fully.


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