Prune: An online platform for all your Mobile Connectivity Needs

Prune: An online platform for all your Mobile Connectivity Needs

Prune is an online platform that meets your Connectivity and Travel Needs! Prune claims a host of reason to select their services. While the Online offerings have made shopping a lot less complicated and quicker, this benefit has eluded the Mobile Sim industry for a long time, but not anymore. You can order your new connection online and get it delivered to your place instead of traveling to the physical stores, which anyway becoming difficult to find.

Prune is available on both website and as a app. You can order a new connection both from the website and the app as well. So, In a way Prune is your answer for all your connectivity needs as also Travel services. Prune is unique in a way that you can order both pre-paid and post-paid connections and plus you can order from all the operators at one place. Whether it is Airtel, Jio, BSNL, or Vi, you can get all these connections delivered. Currently, the offerings of home delivery are available in Delhi NCR but will soon be extended to the top cities of the country. As per facts from their team, you can order a new connection 24/7 and get your SIM delivered in ninety minutes during working hours.

So when you Buy SIM online service, by following the steps defined in their app as also on their internet site, your connection is ready for delivery and you are all set. While we spoke of Domestic connections till now, as per details made available by Prune, it also provides worldwide connectivity and you can order your international sims also on their site and app.  So in case you are visiting overseas, order your connection on the Prune Store. The plan permits you to pick from all operator plans.

Both Prepaid and Post-paid Connection types are available

Well, the best part of the service we found on Prune was that you can see all the pans of all the operators at one place. But it is important to understand what the best suited type of payment mechanism is, i.e. is Prepaid or Post-paid best suited for you.

Post-paid is for customers who don’t favour restricting their daily data consumption and want the freedom to use it as per their needs. Generally Post-paid plans have a monthly quota of data usage unlike in Pre-paid where you have a limit of daily usage, it could be 1 GB per day or 2GB depending on the plan you choose.

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Prune makes Telecom more accessible

Prune gives cellular connection offerings which are high-quality and ideal for your usage. They have a function referred to as Find the Best plan, which is essentially available after the app has understood your usage and is ready to recommend a plan for you. After the app has understood the usage pattern it is ready to share the best plan for you, not only from your current operator but also from other operators. This is Machine Learning at your service.

You can also use this feature to discover the most suited plan even if you are no longer in the market for new connection; you may want to use it to find your best plan. This feature works for all the operators, whether Airtel, Jio, Vodafone Idea (Vi), or even BSNL. As per the company this feature is currently available on the app only and is working to include this on the website as well. We await this feature and will update you as soon as the same is available on the website as well.

When you pick out Prune over any other option, you can be assured that we will not only help you choose the best plan, but also the operator and type of Payment plan but also ensure a quick delivery.

Are you looking for a new mobile no. or are you keen on retaining your existing no

You may run into a situation where you may not be satisfied with your carrier but also don’t want to leave your existing no. When this is the case then you are ready customer for Prune’s Port out facility. All this really means is that  you retain your existing no. while you change your operator. As we understand from the Prune team there are a few caveats before you can use this service of Porting out to another no.

These requirement for porting are as below:

  1. a) You should have been on your current operator for more than Ninety Days, and
  2. b) there should be no outstanding bill in your name which is the case with post-paid connections,

You need to meet these two requirements so that your existing operator does not have ground to reject your port out request.  As we understand Prune has written a detailed note on their website on how you can port form the operator, you can find that blog on their website. As confirmed by Prune this facility to port to different operators is available on Prune Website and app.

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I have a favourite no. matching with my Car Registration, Can I choose that no

Of course, the answer is yes and in fact that is what we loved about the Prune Digital assets; you don’t just shop for a new connection you can also shop for a new no. of your choice as well. Well, we really found the whole process very fascinating because you have the complete freedom, and you are the king on their website and app. All you need to do is Select the operator, and the site takes you to the section where you can choose your no., and you are all set to order a new connection.

So you need a new connection, but why you must purchase from Prune

We put this question to the Prune team because while we were satisfied, we still wanted to get into a little more detail. We must admit we were pleasantly surprised with the reason we discovered for ourselves. Biggest reason why you should head to Prune, is the sole online Store that Sells both Prepaid and post-paid connection.

The story does not end here, when buy a SIM card online, you get rewarded with points. You can convert these points into Prune points. To be able to do that it’s a small game you play there, we loved the UI, and we believe so would you.  These Prune Points can be used to redeem specific merchandise available on the Reward Store online.

Moreover, getting a new connection requires you to get your KYC validated. In case of physical store you may be required to stand in a in lengthy queues. However, on Prune the Omnichannel method makes the process easy and convenient, saving you time from getting in long undulating queue.

SO here is the list of reason for you to head to the Prune Store:

A single platform for all the operators in India.

Both Post-paid and Pre-paid Available

Compare all the plans in one place.

Fastest SIM Delivery in ninety minutes

The most Comprehensive choice of payment options includes debit/credit card, money on delivery, and e-wallets.

To order a SIM card from Prune, just follow these easy steps and you are home-

Visit the Prune internet site or download the Prune app from Google Play Store.

Choose between a prepaid and a post-paid cellular connection, depending on your requirements.

Get an in-depth choice of plans to buy from all operators at one place.

Add the required records such as name, cellular number, and address.

Our Delivery Partner does doorstep verification of documentation to make the process for you seamless and hassle-free.

This is the complete process, and a SIM will be delivered to your door step.

In addition to new Connections, Prune has a few more aces up their sleave: International Sim, Travel Insurance, overseas exchange, invoice payments, tour experiences, and a smartphone comparison. AS they say, Prune Helps Make a better Connection.

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