8 Best Otakustream Alternative 100% Working Updated Sites of Anime

8 Best Otakustream Alternative 100% Working Updated Sites of Anime

The new anime video site on the market is another name for Otakustream. This is the perfect option for all Internet users who deliver free anime and film series from third-party servers.

This website can be used to view or purchase HD anime episodes. In the Otakustream site, you can browse a vast range of films and other fascinating material anywhere on the planet.

It has a user friendly and easy to use interface when you open the Website for all new release series, categories and advanced search tabs on your front screen, that will help you to find your favorite products.

Otakustream is often referred to as a network in which all anime lovers can interact. There are still other fascinating items on this platform that make it better than most. In all, for all anime fans, this is an addictive forum.

Is Back close Otakustream? You can find our best-developed anime websites

In this article to watch and stream online.

About Otakustream: Horriblesubs is known for its streaming and the best anime content. If you watched anime films and shows for a little while, it is very possible that you reached Otakustream.

Many Horriblesubs stream contents are popular in 1080p, and Horriblesubs is widely loved by anime fans. The website features a selection of series and anime films. Horriblesubs has standard materials. With all anime products, Horriblesubs is a one-stop-shop.

Top Otakustream Alternatives sites to Watch Anime Online in Full HD Quality

The following are the Best working websites like Otakustream for Viewing animals online in full HD standard.

  • Anime-Planet
  • AnimeFreak
  • AnimeHeros
  • Anime Ultima
  • Anime Lab
  • 9Anime
  • Chia-Anime
  • KissAnime

1. Anime-Planet


All Anime-Planet s about the legal content of anime (covering 45,000 series of anime). It’s close to GoGoAnime more or less. As a result, it’s free of charge where users create their own web repository that they choose to use later which is completely designed to make the repository user-friendly. All these characteristics make Otakustream the perfect option.

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2. AnimeFreak


AnimeFreak is next in line for Otakustream’s latest substitute. This one is also free of cost and in the highest picture resolution, much like the other websites listed in this article. Besides, the contents posted to this website are essentially based on anime series and nothing else.

Nonetheless, the download of the series as soon as they are posted is one aspect that makes AnimeFreak stand out. This is also not wrong to say that the platform with video streaming is the most current. But when it comes to navigation, in a clean navigation sequence you can find your favorite anime show or one specific chapter.

3. AnimeHeros


We have AnimeHeros number eight and this is a perfect answer to Otakustream. How does this happen? Since it is inexpensive, it has parts, includes English-language dubbing, and can even be used on a smartphone. You will enable the program to display content on phones. Animal shows are usually available in 720p HD and 1080p full HD.

4. Anime Ultima

Anime Ultima

The sterile layout and GUI of Anime Ultima. It is often known to be the cheapest choice because it has minimal advertisement showing. Otakustream, therefore, has a better Anime Ultima series. There are daily updates, indicating that it features the newest anime series-another feature of making it the best for animal lovers. Anime Ultima also has the night mode which helps protect users’ eyes. Last but not least.

5. Anime Lab

Anime Lab

The last one in the series is Anime Lab (and, apparently, perhaps the better alternative), a platform almost like Horriblesubs. Do you want to know why it is on the list? So why? All right, then it’s here … See, this website is an entirely free website offering video streaming.

It has a sleek and tidy style. In addition, laptops, ipads, and other devices may be used. This helps consumers see what they want without too much thought.

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6. 9Anime


If you understand what these people love? It’s a purple interface, a large library from which you can select anime and high-quality images. In addition, it will stream high-resolution anime episodes (or everything saved on the website).

The layout makes discovering the new tools very convenient. 9Anime is a Web site and has also been called series (in English). It benefits someone who is not from Japan.

7. Chia-Anime


Chia-Anime is another option for Otakustream. This is a platform with some impressive characteristics. Some are listed in this section. Therefore, the first is accessible. The material is not just anime but also soundtracks, animations, shows, and dramas (mostly in Asian).

Additional features include material This is also a perfect location for animation fans as well as for those who enjoy films and soundtracks. You can download and/or view all content added to the Website.

8. KissAnime


KissAnime is a website for anime lovers and it is indeed one of the best substitutes for Otakustream. Do you want to know what makes it best? Well, it is best due to the fact that anyone can stream online anime videos and episodes of series.

User experiences feature which makes them stay on this site for long. Content in this site is both, free as well as paid. This means you can start off with free content and then up-gradation of the plan into the premium version.

How To Do If OtakuStream Goes Down For Users?

Illegal video platforms are particularly dangerous due to legal and privacy issues. If a site fails or is permanently deleted, the mirrored sites can also be made available. Such pages may have the same contents and consistency of the original site, even without the same features.

Beyond this, you can legitimately watch your beloved anime on pages without attacks. The high-quality videos are the best material on different websites. This is also worth charging a small amount to subscribe to the most expected TV show for a year.


Several alternatives to OtakuStream are listed above. All of these pages are mirrored and will show the latest anime shows and displays. You should try these websites if you are an anime fan and need an alternative to OtakuStream. You must also pay heed to the risk of malware and legal threats when using unauthorized and pirated websites.

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