5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying LoRaWan Sensors

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying LoRaWan Sensors

As the Internet of Things continues to dominate the market, more and more people are becoming interested in learning about the various products and new types of technologies that are taking the world by storm. One of those things that people want to learn about is the LoRaWan technology and the sensors that are sold within this industry. Given that you’re here, though, I believe it’s safe to say that you are already familiar with this technology.

In fact, I believe that I can correctly assume one more thing about you. Simply put, you are looking to buy LoRaWan sensors, for one reason or another. No, I am not a wizard of any sorts and the only reason why I have guessed why you are here is because the title suggests it. And, you wouldn’t even bother opening this particular post if you weren’t interested in making this purchase and learning how to do it correctly.

There is one more thing that the title suggests and that I think you might be worried about. Basically, you are not sure if you are capable of making this purchase the right way, which leads to you getting concerned about the idea of making certain mistakes in this process and thus ending up with some poor quality products on your hands. Well, we won’t let that happen!

Oh, okay, the choice is ultimately yours, meaning that you are the one who will decide whether this will happen or not, but the point is that I’ll get you acquainted with those mistakes and thus reduce your chances of making them. The ultimate shopping decision is, however, all up to you. Yet, I am sure that you will do your best to avoid those mistakes and thus go through this entire shopping process successfully. So, let us have a look at the mistakes that you shouldn’t make.

1. Shopping On The Spur Of The Moment

When people first learn about LoRaWan Sensors and when they find out about all the amazing purposes that these products can serve, they usually decide to make their purchase right away. While I have absolutely nothing against making this purchase, I do need to warn you against one thing. In short, if you decide to rush into this purchase and make your shopping decision on the spur of the moment, there is a fair chance that you will find yourself regretting that decision after a short while.

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Since I am sure that you don’t want to have any regrets whatsoever when this is in question, here is what I suggest. Take your time and be patient when doing your shopping. Don’t just rush into buying the first LoRaWan sensor that comes your way, without even thinking twice about it and without doing some detailed research. When you do the research, you will feel much more confident that you are buying the perfect product and that’s because you actually will be buying the perfect product.

Shopping On The Spur Of The Moment

2. Not Researching Different Suppliers

When research is in question, though, people tend to assume that they should just look into the LoRaWan sensors and their general features, so as to check what those can do and how they should be used. Yet, this is not the type of research that I am talking about here and if that’s what you assumed, then you were certainly on the right path towards making a huge mistake. So, to cut to the chase, there is a different type of research that you should conduct.

In the event that you weren’t able to guess it, which I doubt, I am actually talking about researching the suppliers of those products. After all, your goal is to find a place that will sell you the best quality LoRaWan sensors and you won’t be able to do that if you just make a random choice. There are undeniably a lot of suppliers out there that can sell you these products, but it should go without saying that you shouldn’t shop from any of them without first doing your thorough research.

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The same goes for doing research on LoRaWan in general: https://www.i-scoop.eu/internet-of-things-guide/lpwan/iot-network-lora-lorawan/

3. Not Checking Their Reputation

While I am sure that most of you will do some amount of research regarding those suppliers, I am also certain that a lot of you will forget to do one particular thing. In simple words, you will fail to check the reputation of certain suppliers, which can lead to you paying for some poor quality LoRaWan sensors, which is precisely what you are trying to avoid. So, do yourself a huge favor and don’t forget to check reputation, as that might cost you a lot.

If you are wondering how you can check the reputation of certain suppliers, as well as the quality of their products, before actually purchasing anything from them, let me clear that up. People love talking about the products that they have bought and the services that they have used and, the best thing is, they love sharing their experiences regarding this on the Internet. So, in simple words, you should search for Internet reviews that will help you figure out how reputable particular LoRaWan sensors suppliers are.

4. Ignoring Negative Reviews

When you start reading those reviews, you might find yourself ignoring the negative ones and dismissing them as unimportant. This, however, is a mistake. Sure, if there are a few isolated negative reviews, those shouldn’t mean anything, since nobody can please everybody. Yet, if there are too many negative reviews, you most certainly shouldn’t ignore them and you should, instead, regard them as a red flag.

5. Disregarding Prices

While you are most likely ready to pay any price for high quality LoRaWan sensors, you shouldn’t make the mistake of overpaying for these. When you start searching for these products, you will realize that their prices can differ. Now, your task is not to go into any of the extremes. Don’t buy too cheap, because cheap is usually an indication of low-quality. But, don’t let anyone rip you off either.

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