Outdated SEO Practices that You Must Drop beyond 2021

Outdated SEO Practices that You Must Drop beyond 2021

Search engines update their terms and conditions frequently. Trending SEO last year may be outdated today. Reason?

Thousands of websites are created daily. The websites produce similar services and content as your business. The stiff competition force search engines such as Google to update their ranking criteria.

That is why you need to comb your SEO practices if you want your website to rank.

The first step to updating your SEO skills is to chop out irrelevant practices. This article gives five outdated SEO practices and their remedy. Read on to find them out.

1.  Keyword Abuse

Don’t overstress yourself with keyword density or stuffing because they won’t contribute to your site’s ranking.

You had to reuse the keyword on a page to magnetize the search engine’s attention in the past. SEO specialists recommended repeating the keyword in your writing after every 20 words.

The writers went further to trick the search engine by spraying the keywords on the page without minding the keywords’ well-fitting with other equally significant words. This led to jumbled up content.

There was divided attention as the marketer worried about matching keyword quantity with content quality. Often, writers found themselves pleasing the search while delivering low quality to their readers.

Google now penalizes websites for keyword stuffing. It would help if you avoided this trap. To succeed with keyword optimization, craft quality content before fixing in relevant keywords strategically.

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2.  Content Rewriting

In the early 2000s, content marketers identified a website that produced content as the one they plan to promote then duplicated its content.

On realizing that they often faced copyright infringement penalties, the marketers thought it wise to paraphrase an existing content, thereby tricking plagiarism checkers.

The rewritten content ranked better (sometimes) than the parent one. More excitingly, some marketers still adopt these outdated methods in international trading.

Instead of using the services of a recommended international advertising agency, they paraphrase the content of the renowned local businesses as they attempt to compete internationally.

In the end, the businesses face Google banning and stagnant growth in foreign markets. The solution is to write unique content.

If you have to research, derive your information from at least five sources. If not sure of the appropriate gateway to marketing, let a renowned international advertising agency do quality work on your behalf.

3.  Misusing Meta Tags

In the past, marketers instructed web developers to include keywords in the HTML tags of a site. Search engines crawled the keywords to rank the website.

On realizing the trick, websites got overloaded with meta tags and keywords. Some of the keywords were irrelevant to the mission of the site. The websites ranked highly with low-quality content.

The trick is outdated. That is why you should focus on delivering quality content instead of misusing meta tags. The relevant tags are image ‘alt’ tags that describe an image’s role on an HTML document.

4.  Inappropriate Linking

Stop paying highly for links that don’t contribute to your site’s ranking.

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Before 2021, sites paid famous websites to drive traffic to their sites. Regardless of your sites’ content quality, search engines ranked the site. This also applied to repeating anchor texts within a page.

Instead of worrying about overlinking, earn genuine traffic through quality content.

5.  Overstressing on a Word Count

Over the years, Google has been ranking sites based on the number of words. The more the words, the higher the possibility of providing more value to the reader. However, here was the catch:

Content specialists focused on word count while ignoring quality. As a result, they wrote filler words to meet word count instead of completing the content’s mission.

To overcome this temptation, strive to meet the content’s aim without over-worrying about meeting a certain word count.


If you want search engines to rank your page higher, focus on readability and value addition without overstressing on quantity.

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