Everything You Need to Know About Smart Taps

Everything You Need to Know About Smart Taps

While we’re spending more time inside than ever before, making sure your home is as comfortable as possible is crucial to your everyday comfort and wellbeing. Adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom or kitchen with a smart tap is one way to make each day that little bit more special. So what do you need to know about installing digital taps for your whole family to enjoy?

1. They’re hygienic

It’s no surprise that many more of us are thinking about ways we can reduce harmful bacteria from creating an unwelcome presence in our homes. iTaps range of smart taps each make use of a touch-sensitive digital touchpad, rather than more traditional, bulky or grooved handles. As well as being much easier to clean thoroughly, these touchpads allow you to change your water pressure and temperature all with a single touch. This way, you can reduce the number of grubby hands on your kitchen and bathroom appliances, to make for an altogether more hygienic experience.

2.  They’re energy-efficient

Did you know 3.3 billion litres of water are wasted in the UK every day? When you’re in a rush, it can be easy to forget to turn your taps off once your bath is full, or once you’ve finished filling the washing up bowl. Smart taps can be set to switch off after a certain amount of time. That means you’ll never be left using more water than you need, letting excess water go down the drain, or even run the risk of accidental spillages.

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3.  They’ll give you the perfect temperature, every time

Especially when it’s cold outside, washing your face in chilly water in the morning can start your day off on entirely the wrong note. Setting your ideal temperature with a smart tap means you’ll always know exactly what to expect. As well as making your morning routine that little bit more seamless, set temperatures are helpful for small children, who could be scalded or shocked by much warmer water.

4.  They can be used by the whole family

Rather than the dreaded leaks and drips that come with worn-down washers, digital taps incorporate a sensitive touchscreen, rather than a traditional handle. The handy touchscreen makes for less wear and tear over the months and years. That means you can trust even the more heavy-handed members of your family to use the kitchen and bathroom sinks without the worry of any accidents happening – and will save you the future expense of costly repairs on your taps too.

5.  They’ll make for a more seamless shower experience

As well as allowing for a speedier process when you’re cooking or washing your hands, smart taps can help you take your morning shower up a notch. Choosing your ideal temperature and water pressure before you step in makes every morning a treat, instead of a freezing ordeal as you wait for the water to warm up. You can even set a timer for your shower to turn off after a set period of time, so rather than accidentally spending too long when there’s a queue for the bathroom on busy days, you can make sure your whole family gets out of the house right on time.

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6. They can be installed quickly and easily

Last but certainly not least, digital taps are much more simple to install than you might expect. When you’re investing in a device designed to make life easier, you want to know that no part of the process will cause you further hassle. Replacing your traditional taps with a digital upgrade is straightforward enough for you to complete yourself, without the need to call in a plumber. This means you can enjoy the benefits of your new and improved taps, sooner rather than later.

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