4 Trends Rigid Box Manufacturers USA are Making the Most of

4 Trends Rigid Box Manufacturers USA are Making the Most of

Long past are the days when product packages just have to sit on the shelves of the retail stores’ aisle and look nothing but pretty. Today, product boxes have become an integral part of the marketing strategy. Thanks to the fierce competition in nearly every segment, modern-day product boxes have only a few seconds to engage the prospective customers and convince them to pick them up and throw them in their cart.

Of course, looks do matter, but brands have to address multiple requirements rather solely focusing on the external appeal of the package. As a result, the idea to develop packages has also changed. For example, if you have chosen custom rigid packaging to flaunt your products, make sure it doesn’t look overly fancy and beautiful. Instead, it should amplify the customer experience and brand value.

Listed below are some of the newest trends that rigid box manufacturers USA like The Legacy Printing are frequently using to make the product unveiling experience all more memorable for the end-users.

Harness the Power of Vintage Design

Vintage designs are back again and have been influencing nearly every segment in the trade, ranging from jewelry to fashion items. And rigid box manufacturers USA have also failed to resist the trend. They have incorporated flashy and over-the-top retro themes that are full of bling to create a sense of nostalgia that a high percentage of the buyers find very endearing. More importantly, a retro custom rigid packaging design highlights the businesses’ commitment towards their coveted principles. In brief, it is an excellent way to showcase your dedication to upholding the quality.

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Add Doodles and Pastel Shades

Since the number of millennial buyers is higher than others, brands make every effort to attract them towards their products. Adding doodles to their wholesale rigid boxes is one way to make their goods appealing to this generation. The simple drawings portray the fun and happy side of the product. In short, the addition of good doodle help uplifts the viewer’s mood.

Pastel shades and neutral hues like green, yellow, purple, and light blue, on the other hand, have gained admiration in recent times. Incorporating these colors in the background will allow you to draw attention to the brand name and other important information on the custom rigid packaging. However, the radiant burst of these colors often leaves the buyers overwhelmed and dazzled.

Be Honest and Authentic

The worst thing about most of the product packages you come across in supermarkets is they are misleading. This gap between reality and appearance frustrates the customers, hurts your brand, and hampers the goods’ repeat sales potential. It happens when containers present the product way better than it actually is.

For example, when people see a cookie drenched in delicious chocolate chips over the packaging, they instantly buy the actual cookie only disappoints them as it turns out to be a simple chocolate-flavored biscuit that has a few chips here and there. So when you are all set to place your custom rigid packaging order with a specialist printer, make sure that you aren’t under-delivering or overpromising.

The ideal way is to stay authentic and depict the truth.

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Create a Profound Shelf Impact

It’s the distinctive appeal of the product boxes that helps them create a profound ‘shelf impact’ when placed among several other similar products on the shelf. If your rigid box manufacturers USA fails to provide you packaging that might look fabulous but doesn’t create a powerful impact on the retail racks, the chances are that your ideal customers will ignore your products.

Mind you, customers never see products and packaging as two separate entities. All they see are real patterns across the retail aisles. That’s because hundreds of similar products are arranged in huge columns and rows at the retail outlets. For this reason, one cannot really blame the buyers for not observing their product details in the packaging design.


Using custom rigid boxes isn’t just about keeping your products safe from the wear and tear they could experience during transit. Instead, the idea is to make your product and packing to stand out on the shelves to inspire the customers to make the purchase. And this could only happen when you make use of the pointers mentioned above.     

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