4 best Airbnb Alternatives for Homeowners

4 best Airbnb Alternatives for Homeowners

In this post, we’ll examine serviced apartment platforms comparable to Airbnb that might provide you with the necessary head start. And we’ll save everyone time by reviewing and evaluating most of them.

But there are several little sites similar to Airbnb, let’s have a peek at some famous Airbnb alternatives for house owners that provide similar property maintenance features and the same top-notch, secure, and seamless reservation service.

4 best Airbnb Alternatives for Homeowners

1. Expedia (together with Hotels.com, Travelocity, and others)

Though Expedia Group is the everything booking engine and organizer, you can still offer your property there and have it displayed to lots of customers through various Expedia-affiliated distribution channels.

In total, the platform hosts over 200 websites in around 40 countries (they include such huge titles as Hotels.com & Trivago). However, you only require one account!

Fortunately, Expedia works with properties of all shapes, so if you own a hotel or a villa, you can still take advantage of all of Expedia’s benefits. To begin, you must create an account with Expedia Partnership Central, select a contract type, and sign the lodging agreements.

The programme provides an excellent user experience for property owners, allowing them to immediately list their short-term rentals and simply manage their properties, rates, and availability.

The adaptable property management options make it simple to configure your property’s policies (cancellation, taxes, deposit, and fees), amenities, room kinds, and rate plans. Additionally, there are a plethora of auxiliary tools specialized in revenue management, metrics, and integration with other companies.

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2. SimplyOwners

SimplyOwners is not as well-known as the other sites in this collection of Airbnb alternatives, but it does have a sizable readership.

SimplyOwners is ideal for vacation rental property owners. It operates on a somewhat unique listing model: you, as the homeowner of a vacation rental home, must send your listing to their staff. They will assist you in creating a draught for your property and, upon payment of a charge, your property will be listed there.

You pay an annual service fee per property (discounts are possible for multiple listings); guests pay the property price solely, without any additional service expenses.

The primary advantage of this program is that you pay once every year, always have a responsive support team, and also receive a high volume of prospects willing to rent straight from an owner.

Additionally, a two-way iCal sync is allowed, so you can feel secure listing your properties with various online travel agencies concurrently. If you enjoy this subscription-based model, you can also give Owner Direct a try.

3. Using FlipKey

FlipKey is one of TripAdvisor’s most famous rental properties services. This is one of those large players on which you can rely in terms of expanding your reach, and what’s more, you may use this service to rent out any form of lodging (hotels, villas, castles, and houseboats, for example).

While the listing is free, the site levies a fee of 3% on each successful booking.

Travellers can either book instantaneously (if the desired dates are vacant) or submit a payment request to you. They pay for the property via the travel platform, and the funds are credited to your account within 24 hours of guests checking in. Payments are accepted through PayPal or wire transfer.

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The property administration features are incredible: you can establish seasonal pricing, specify booking regulations and terms and conditions, add booking windows (to specify how far in advance guests can reserve your property), and more. Additionally, you may streamline management by utilising the TripAdvisor property owner apps available on Apple and Google store.

As is the case with other popular services, you can use several OTAs while still maintaining accurate availability by using iCal synchronisation.

Another good option from the Expedia group is HolidayLettings.

4. OneFineStay

If you already own a high-end property, you may be happy to rent it out through One Fine Stay. While some may refer to it as an Airbnb for the wealthy, many homeowners with even an average property in tourist hotspots like London may readily find high-paying clients.

However, you cannot simply fill out a form and expect to be included here; the platform’s local team of agents must inspect your property prior to accepting it on their website (yes, they truly care about those high-paying clients as well as your earnings). It appears as though the commissions are not disclosed openly.

If your asset is approved, your account manager would therefore create and advertise it to its greatest advantage. One Fine Stay has been on the marketplace for nearly a decade, so you can rest assured that your high-end residence is in capable hands.

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