Place bet bitcoin on 1xBit and earn regularly

Place bet bitcoin on 1xBit and earn regularly

history of Juventus there has been many glorious victories and triumphs. However, there were also moments of falls, especially when the team was forced to leave the elite of Italian football for one season. Wherever this club is playing, you can place a bet bitcoin on to convert your knowledge into new winnings.

After the return from Serie B, Juventus could not regain the status of the leader of Italian football for several years in a row. Moreover, in 2010 and 2011, the club consistently was the 7th. It looked like it would be tough to get the Scudetto back, but the season 2011/12 saw a noticeable transformation.

Juve managed to take the title and this was the beginning of the golden era. After that, the club won the Scudetto 8 times in a row and often left no chance to its competitors. Now you can bet on 1xBit on matches of this team and win bitcoins. All matches are covered in as much detail as possible, which will allow you to easily convert your knowledge into new winnings. It is the championship 2011/12 that was the most difficult to win the Scudetto. It was it that marked the return of Juventus to the big arena.

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As for Juventus, in the campaign 2011/12 the team withstood fierce competition from Milan. As for the factors that helped the club to triumph, they include:

  1. Very reliable defense. The club missed only 20 goals in the entire season. An amazing indicator considering the level of the opponents. In many ways, such results were made possible by the stunning actions of Chiellini, Bonucci, and Buffon.
  2. The head coach’s tactical ideas. It was then that Antonio Conte finally took shape as a top specialist. His ideas in the defense and his bet on the individual skills of the attackers gave results.
  3. The experience of many leaders. Suffice it to recall Del Piero. Even at the age of 37, Alex was an important player of Juventus and deservedly won the title, after which he went to more exotic championships.

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