Best Places to Buy Property in South Africa

Best Places to Buy Property in South Africa

When you go to a new area and want to buy property, you will be sold on a couple of ideas by people who want to gain. Therefore, you need to have an independent look at the best places to get value for your money. While in South Africa, there are several places you can buy properties. These places will make it easy for you to get the property you want and great prices. There’s, of course, competition for property around the country, and you need to be frugal in where you choose to buy. This list will give you at least 5 reasons to attend real estate investor networking events, so that you can become an investment expert!. Also below, you will find some of the best places to buy property in South Africa.

Protea Glen in Soweto

If you are looking for property to buy around Johannesburg, this is one of the best places you can get it. The good thing here is that you get more affordable than what you get when you look at the suburbs. Some of the people who buy here are first-time property buyers – around 40%

Here, you will get property from around R400,000 to around R700,000.

Midrand Pretoria

When you are looking for a property that is around highway interchanges, you need to look here. You will, of course, get a busy place which means tranquility isn’t as crucial here. But, if you love the fast life, this is the best place to buy property. With all these in mind, most of the buyers here are young – it’s an excellent place for young people. The property here starts from R700,000; this can go high in some sectors, though. The townhouses are a sight to behold from every angle you look at them. The serene environment alone should be enough to help you decide you need to buy here.

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Paulshof Lonehill

With the COVID-19 pandemic increasing, the need for remote workers has been seen all across the globe. With that, Paulshof in Lonehill has been designed to suit this way of life. Most houses here are grand townhouses with incredible scenery too. This is an environment that will work well for people of all ages. Each one will have a great time buying here, the young and the old. To get a property here, you will need to pay around R700,000 to around R900,000.


If you are looking for an apartment to buy, Fourways is the best place to get property. A massive chunk of the people who have bought property here are either young singles or young couples. It is more of a professional’s residence than it is anything else. You can quickly get lucky when you want to get a property here. There are several sellers here, and the price will vary with their needs. For example, some sellers are desperate to get out of debt or are moving elsewhere; you can buy cheap.

The price here, though, ranges from R600,000 to around R750,000.

Final Thoughts

In South Africa, there are several places where you can get property. You only need to look at your needs before buying peace, access to roads, etc. These are some of the best places to buy property while in South Africa.

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