Know Top 10 reasons Why Businesses Should Use Salesforce Community Cloud

Know Top 10 reasons Why Businesses Should Use Salesforce Community Cloud


Online communities are essential to every organization’s CRM strategy, regardless of size. Salesforce Community Cloud is a platform for an online digital experience that assists

businesses across different industries to manage better and build their relationships with employees, partners, and customers. Within this platform, the communities created can be utilized to receive feedback from clients, leading qualifications, customer support, training, etc. The Salesforce Community has several features which constantly boost the productivity of the organization along with increasing its growth and opening up new ways of conducting business for organizations.

What are Salesforce Communities?

Salesforce Communities is a social platform designed to facilitate communication and connect an organization’s customers, partners, and employees. The Community Cloud of Salesforce uses the platform of Salesforce communities chatter social for screen sharing and chat, allowing users to exchange their images and data in real time during a conversation. The platform of Salesforce Communities supports customer relationship management (CRM) and provides channels for the customer base to communicate with other customers while finding helpful information. Employees can utilize the platform for any work communication, including human resource management, troubleshooting, desk communications, and collaborating with other teams in another geographical location. Management can utilize Community Cloud to communicate efficiently with the organization’s partners and other external parties. Hence, Salesforce Community Cloud is an infrastructure that allows collaborations and communities between various organizations from a specific group with common concerns, such as audit performance, requirements, or regulatory compliance.

How does Salesforce Community Cloud work?

Salesforce Community Cloud uses a social platform of customer relationship management (CRM) for chatting and sharing screens in the community which is a key aspect in improving the engagement and communication style between the employees, customers, and partners for the business. The platform of Community Cloud makes CRM simpler which permits customers to find the information that they may require along with communicating with other customers of the organization. For employees, Community Cloud makes it possible to have workplace conversations related to troubleshooting, human resource, help desk, and other communications with employees who may be located elsewhere. As a result, Salesforce Community Cloud provides businesses with the required records and data which makes efficient working possible. Moreover, the platform also streamlines the significant operations of the business and extends it across all the offices and departments.

10 Reasons For Businesses To Adopt Salesforce Community Cloud

1.   Reducing Costs

Organizations can save their time and money by permitting their clients and partners to receive the information they require without any hassle from the organization’s employees with the use of Salesforce Community Cloud. This smooth and flexible process reduces costs on any repetitive operation. As a result, It allows the organization’s workforce to complete more critical and urgent tasks.

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2. Creating Better Relations With Partners And Customers

For every organization, the relationship with their customers and partners is crucial. As a result, the stronger the business relationships for an organization, the better results organizations can get. Through the Salesforce Community, customers could reach out to the organization at their convenience, which would help in having a better experience and this would also motivate both the organization and the customer to build and establish a positive relationship. This will also help increase brand credibility and awareness, which also satisfies the clientele with the products and services offered by the company.

3. Improving The Products And Services

For any organization, focusing on the demand of the customers and constantly updating their services and products is beneficial. As a result, it would be helpful for the employees to monitor the activity of the customers while collecting data on the feedback

and behavior of the community. This will help in improving and customizing products and services that will meet the needs of the customers. Through the Salesforce Community, the community can respond to the market’s requirements while there is a continuous growth in the satisfaction of customers.

4.  Delivering Improved Customer Support

For every organization the products and services revolve around the customers and one way to keep the customers satisfied is by constantly improving customer support. In this case, Community Cloud helps with customer data generation, which allows the organization to solve all the requests and questions that the clients may have. The importance of this reason arises since improved customer support would play one of the most significant roles in boosting the success and growth of the organization.

5.  Improve Employee Performance And Engagement

All the data from employees, customers, and partners are gathered in a single platform of Community Cloud, which makes it easier for the employees to access any information they may need along with exchanging the data quickly across any department. This also helps with the improvement of communication within the team, boosting productivity among team members.

6.   Seamless Business Integration

Users can access the data all at once whenever they may require it when an organization chooses to create a customized API or utilize the native integration of Salesforce for the backend system to infuse all the data from different sources. This allows the organization to gain a complete view of the partners and customers to deliver the best service quality during the right time and then utilize a closed-loop approach to report on the performance observed.

7.  Flawless Customer Experience

Customers are a significant part of a business, and Community Cloud emphasizes its focus on employees, partners, and customers. As a result, whenever the customers have any query for which they require an instant solution, they may first go through the proper guidelines and access the FAQs without the organization’s involvement. This would allow the agents more time to focus on the critical tasks that may be present in the business. Salesforce Community also provides an overview of the agents through skills and endorsements and displays their activity levels. Other features help deliver a flawless customer experience, including e-commerce, case escalation, and community engagement.

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8.  Rapid Development Of Portal

The platform of Salesforce Community Cloud provides various possibilities for multi-corporate portal developments, which are already in-built into its structure. Initially, it had been possible for businesses to be able to build different portals on an individual basis within approximately 30 days. Moreover, the portals would be developed by several people who would have to put their time and effort into creating the correct application utilizing Java, .NET, or PHP. As a result, the possibilities provided by Salesforce Cloud would be revolutionary for organizations and further contribute to their growth.

9.   Data Security

Community Cloud of Salesforce helps by providing access to the correct data to the right people and limiting the data access to four levels. One of the critical decisions that Community Cloud helps is in making sure that the data set of each user allows the critical decisions of the organizations to take place amicably, which in the end would benefit the users as well. Once the data model concerning the cloud is formulated and implemented, organizations have the choice of selecting the viewers of the data model which is a move towards increasing the data securing. Data security becomes a concern for all partners, customers, and employees. When the organization fulfills the need to secure the data safely, it also increases the loyalty of the stakeholders, which boosts the company’s long-term growth.

10. Personalized Experiences With Audience Targeting

With the help of Salesforce Community Cloud, organizations would have the flexibility and choice of personalizing the experiences of each of their customers with proper targeting of the audience. With the help of Community Cloud, organizations get to know more about the customers and their preferences; this information allows them to target not only individual audiences but also personalize the experiences that always keep the customers happy. In targeting the audience, the organization can focus on component-level targeting with branding sets for the audiences based on a criterion. The focus of Community Cloud is highly on the satisfaction of the customers. Still, it also places equal emphasis on the employees and partners, who themselves would have an ease of conducting business.


Salesforce Community Cloud provides a lot of benefits, but it depends on the organizations to choose the way they would use the platform’s features. With the use of Community Cloud organizations would be able to deliver high-quality service, generate more sales, engage partners, and manage relationships and operations all with one platform. However, commonly there arise some complexities in the integration process of Community Cloud where the Salesforce Consultant company can provide a deeper understanding of the Salesforce

Communities through their consulting services which would ultimately assist organizations immensely. Even though the integration of Community Cloud in the existing system of the business may feel complex, the experts provide varied solutions to help businesses adjust the integration according to their needs and requirements, along with the platform’s adaptation.

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