Top 5 Salesforce Tips to Boost Productivity in 2021

Top 5 Salesforce Tips to Boost Productivity in 2021
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Salesforce is a widely known and effective tool used for customer relationship management. Most organizations are already using Salesforce to streamline their business operations. This tool is often referred to as the powerhouse tool that carries several useful features and works perfectly for5 almost all sizes of businesses. However, every organization is different and has unique needs, and Salesforce enables independent sales vendors to develop applications that help support teams.

Sales is known to be a result-oriented and fast-paced environment, where the team is continuously trying to be productive and get the desired results.

Remember that sales organizations are effective when they are efficient. Therefore, putting the focus on productive sales is what an organization requires to receive the most out of Salesforce.

Here are some important Salesforce tips which can be used to increase productivity in 2021

Using Salesforce Chatter

Gone are the days when we had to depend on external chatting tools. In the present age, organizations benefit from top-notch chatting tools such as Chatter that allows seamless integration into Salesforce and offers full-fledged social network functionality of a social network.

Salesforce Chatter is not just an ordinary messaging application, but it allows you to make groups that centre around a specific region, campaign, or account.

It allows you to perform actions like account creation, developing reports for expenses, order updating, and all of his can be done without having to leave the network.

In addition to that, you can benefit from a ton more features which include gamification and incentive badging systems in order to reward employees who have been productive and create topics and posts for your teams to collaborate and share their ideas. Moreover, it allows you to share files by eliminating the need for sending emails or sharing drive attachments.


Switching to Salesforce simply means you access many useful options and salesforce forms that can help you manage your business operations smoothly. The above mentioned Salesforce tips will help you boost your sales and upgrade your sales experience in 2021.

Leveraging Emails, Activities, and Tasks

Salesforce is the one-stop solution for all your needs as it allows you to streamline the operation of sales and save time. If you are not yet benefitting from the useful functions of Salesforce, including activities, tasks, and emails, you are missing out on something excellent. It is high time that you step up and leverage these features to boost your sales.

Activities feature enables you to log the interactions between your customers while keeping a record of crucial meeting notes.

Tasks allow for action creation that you can follow up with when required. You can set a reminder on a particular date along with a short description of the event, such as a meeting.

With emails, you can send emails to your clients through Salesforce directly. You can find various email templates which can be used for corresponding with customers.

Using Reports For Metrics Analysis

Salesforce allows you to make reports easily and obtain accurate insights. Your admin can set up reports to obtain KPIs. However, it is possible for you to create on your own.

These reports will help you achieve insights to some crucial questions concerning your performance and sales, including:

  • Where is your biggest sale coming from?
  • How long does it take to seal a deal?
  • In which industry do you have the most accounts?

With the help of a Salesforce report, you will have all the answers to the most important questions and insights in real-time for your business.

Pinned List View

When using Salesforce, you click on an object; you will be able to see the ‘recently viewed.’ This view is better than the list view of things that barely adds any value to your business.

With the help of the pinned list, it is easier to set a default List view. You can create a list view of your choice and choose a pin icon appearing next to it. In order to unpin a list, you will have to click the pin icon that is highlighted, choose a different listview and then pin it. As most users want to see most records, changing the ListView is very easy, and it saves time.

Using Inline Editing

Editing is easier with Salesforce. The inline editing features make it super quick to edit records without having to use the edit button. Especially when you have to edit more than one record, this feature works best. 

For editing, you need to select the fields that you wish to edit. You have to double click and select the checkboxes for updating the fields multiple times without an issue.

However, if you cannot double click for updating fields on the list view, you can ask the admin to allow you to perform inline editing from the user interface.


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