Say Goodbye to Manual Time Sheets: An Introduction to Employee Time Clocking Apps

Say Goodbye to Manual Time Sheets: An Introduction to Employee Time Clocking Apps

In the past, we used time sheets to control working hours. However, times are changing, and technology has advanced significantly – so today employee time-clocking apps are becoming a widely used tool in modern business. And what is their advantage – we will explain in the text below.

Employee Time Monitoring: Evolution From Time Sheets To Time Clocking Apps

Control of the time spent at work is very important for the successful operation of the company. This control has evolved – so today, we have modern tools and systems that help us with great precision. The digital control of working hours started with us using Excel tables and the first timesheets. True, back in that time, they made the job of controlling employees much easier. However, as every system has its shortcomings, there were also some in these systems – so over time, we have developed new and modern methods and applications that we use today. So, nowadays, we mostly use employee time-clocking apps that help us control things such as time theft, or help us with calculations of salary, overtime hours, sick leaves, etc.

Saying Goodbye To Manual Time Sheets

Manual data entry, time-consuming calculations, and calculations were not the most effective means for this type of control. Therefore, over time, developers worked on additional automation of the entire process. That’s why today everything is greatly simplified with the use of employee time-clocking apps that, in addition to time control, offer us some other useful features.

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● Modern apps help in increasing planning and profit

When you are in a position to accurately monitor the time – you will know what your expenses are. That doesn’t only apply to the working hours of employees. Modern apps of this type also have features that help you calculate business projects, determine priorities, calculate possible losses, etc. Therefore, such apps are a far better solution than classic time sheets.

● More accurate calculation and payment

Overtime work, sick leaves, leaving from work before the end of working hours, days off, etc. – all that can easily create confusion when calculating salaries. By automating this process using employee time-clocking apps – you will make this job easier.

● Increasing the efficiency and productivity of employees

These apps are not intended only to practice control as some kind of pressure on workers. On the contrary, they serve both employers and employees to increase their efficiency and manage to do as much work as possible in a short time. Also, they aim for better coordination between employee teams – which raises productivity to a higher level.

●  More effective project management

Most recent apps of this type have implemented features you can use even when your employees work remotely. Also, when you have workers who do their work outdoors – apps like these will be of great use because they have implemented GPS and Geofencing features- as well as many others.

The Bottom Line

Every business bases its operations on one common resource – time. Therefore, we must be careful with this resource and not waste it. In this regard, modern apps for time monitoring have brought us many benefits. Not only will we save time and money, but additional features within these applications will significantly help us in business.

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