4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need a Cloud Phone System

4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need a Cloud Phone System

With the evolution and expansion of small enterprises, the capacity to upgrade or degrade soon becomes a must. Recruiting more workers, for an instance, necessitates the modification of the business’s telephone infrastructure to match the increased demand for additional lines.

The use of conventional landline telephone systems makes this more difficult to execute owing to increased infrastructure and maintenance expenses, the need for physical gear, and a dependence on IT assistance. 

Corporate phone systems, on the other side, can allow small companies to handle their telecommunications services in a less expensive, more simplified, and more nimble way than they could before.

What is a Cloud Phone System

A cloud based telephone network is a VoIP telephone system that may be accessed using a cloud-based Transmission system, such as the Internet. In addition, since it is offered totally through the Internet and maintained wholly off-site, it reduces the need for upfront expenditures in telecommunication equipment. Broadvoice’s cloud PBX solution is one example of a cloud phone that makes communication and collaboration considerably easier and less expensive.

The implementation and setting are fast and simple, allowing businesses to reduce their reliance on IT staff. You could typically subscribe to cloud telephony systems via a telephony provider (like ULTATEL, RingCentral, or Nextiva) and pay monthly only for what you use, rather than purchasing it outright.

How can Cloud Phone Systems Help Small Businesses

The majority of traditional telephone systems need the acquisition of networking equipment/software licensing at the time of installation. Because of the physical components and deployment of traditional systems, organizations must focus on the potential demands and, as a result, often purchase more equipment than present needs dictates in order to handle anticipated growth in their operations and revenue.

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A cloud telephone system requires just a few pieces of gear, including the phones themselves and maybe a corporate-level network. Further than that, there are no other expenses.

Furthermore, unlike traditional in-house systems, in which the backbone equipment has a predetermined lifetime, cloud solutions have the potential to provide higher endurance.

Additional advantages of cloud telephone systems are detailed in the next section:

Savings on expenses

One of the advantages of using a cloud-based telephone system is the financial benefits. It is possible that shifting your telephony network away from PBX systems and into the cloud will be less costly in terms of monthly subscription prices than maintaining a conventional system, which will aid in cutting costs and eventually maximizing profit.


An auto-attendant for small business telephone services provides a designed greeting, call routing to phones, and audio to message, to name a few of the many benefits. Whereas the majority of companies prefer to communicate with customers in person, an auto-attendant might be a useful addition.

In the case of small business phone systems, using an auto-attendant may save money while also allowing for more sophisticated interaction management and putting clients at ease around the clock 24/7. 

Providing even small firms with the ability to project a more professional appearance.

Analytical and Reporting Services

The majority of traditional telephone systems are lacking statistics, which means that you have no way of knowing or understanding the success of your employees, nor can you gauge client service quality. This may make a huge difference for a small company; firms who take a proactive attitude, establish goals and regularly evaluate their performances generally do better than those who do not. Having their operations in the darkness is a vulnerability that small companies just can’t afford to incur.

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Small company phone systems provide them with statistics that they can use to examine what they are doing well and where they are not so good. With capabilities like call recording, employees could go back and see what they did correctly and where they went wrong. Small companies now have the ability to statistically monitor their productivity and provide improved client experience because they have access to these vital statistics.

Mobility and Usability

Smaller companies, in particular, must be able to function from many places in today’s competitive environment, which is becoming more portable.

Small company workers have accessibility to features that enable them to log in from everywhere and be contacted while being on the road using a cloud-based solution, allowing customer-interaction and revenue-generating staff more autonomy over their workflow.

Bottom Line

Your telephony system is crucial to the running of your company as well as the interaction that clients feel with your company. Making the switch from your on-premise telephone network to the cloud may help small businesses better control expenses, allow your staff the flexibility they need to concentrate on expanding the company and equip your company to tackle the challenges that the future of corporate communications will bring.

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