What is SOC as a Service? How Does It Safeguard Your Network Data?

What is SOC as a Service? How Does It Safeguard Your Network Data?

When used along with an as-service model, SOC refers to the term Security Operations Center. Therefore, a SOC is a group of people who are responsible for monitoring the cyber security of data systems and preventing attacks. This team of security specialists provides 24/7 tracking of a company’s network while checking for possible attacks on a company’s system and resources.

Companies cannot overlook the threat of a possible cyberattack, as doing so can lead to devastating consequences. How can you keep operating or remain profitable if you don’t use a higher level of security that will maintain data integrity?

Why It’s Better to Use SOC as a Service

A higher level of security may be expensive, especially if you rely on an in-house security operations center. Therefore, the best way to keep things in check economically and safely is to outsource your SOC as SOC as a Service.

The Advantages of Using a Third Party SOC Provider

When you cut costs in this manner, you’ll realize some advantages too significant to ignore.

SOC that is Less Complicated

It takes work to design, configure, test, upgrade or run an in-house SOC – all of which takes time and sizable amounts of cash. However, when you use SOC as a Service, you make things more essential, which better utilizes your time and money.

Because you don’t have to spend time building a SOC, you also spend less time deploying the system. Instead of working on this type of enhancement over a couple of years in-house, you can get the service model running in approximately a month.

Your Security Team is Already in Place

You can also save money on hiring in-house cybersecurity professionals, as you’ll have a team in place overseeing any advanced system threats. By taking this approach, you’ll be better equipped to detect and respond to cybersecurity issues in lightning-fast time. That’s because SOC as a Service is set up to automatically respond to any incongruencies that emerge from time to time.

Cost-effective Data Protection

Using the service increases the pace and efficiency of threat detection, which surpasses what a security team in-house can do on its own. Therefore, this form of cybersecurity is the most cost-effective type of data protection offered presently. You’ll also save a great deal of money on upgrades, maintenance, management, and configuration for your SOC set-up.

Because costs are notably reduced, and security is increased, a cloud-based SOC is one of the best ways to keep on top of your system needs responsibly and feasibly.

When you set up this type of security system, keep in mind that you’ll have to review your company’s network in-depth to identify possible security threats. Therefore, you’ll need to share large amounts of data with the security provider. That’s why you’ll need to choose a security company with good standing in the SOC field.

Choose a Proven Leader in the Field

Nowadays, the regulatory mandates you must meet can be both complicated and expensive. Therefore, you need to trust the third party who handles your SOC information. When your level of risk is put to the test, the company must meet specific criteria. Make sure they have the tools needed to keep your company up and running and free from harm.

How the SOC Service Model Protects Your Network’s Data

So, how does a third-party SOC provider keep your network from harm? That is the main question we need to ask.

Continuous Network Monitoring

When you use SOC as a service model, you hand over the reins of your security operations to a third party. This has numerous advantages for your company. The first and most essential benefit is that you have access to security professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Again, this is far less expensive than having an in-house team monitoring your network around the clock.

A third-party SOC tracks computer networks 24/7, 365 days a week, to detect any abnormalities or suspicious activities. When suspicious behavior is discovered, it generates quick notifications of emerging hazards, allowing a team to identify and mitigate threats before they impact your organization’s sensitive information.

Expert Analysis and Control

Behavioral analysis is used by the SOC team to “teach” systems the distinction between normal day-to-day activity and true threat behavior.

Threat detection is a challenge for any business that produces large amounts of information. Scanning data for malware or other cyber-criminal activities, as you might expect, is a time-consuming procedure.

The Best Way to Prevent a Network Attack

When you use a third-party SOC company, you’re in the position to immediately spot suspicious activity ahead of time. Therefore, this type of managed SOC covers more than detecting problems. It helps prevent assaults from happening at all.


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