How to Spot a Fake ID in a Glance: Tips on How to Spot a Fake ID in Missouri

How to Spot a Fake ID in a Glance: Tips on How to Spot a Fake ID in Missouri

Fake IDs have been a major problem in Missouri. Luckily for you, we might just have some of the tips to help you spot one.

Fake IDs are one of the most common issues that many states have been trying to solve these days. These fake IDs caused a lot of confusion as well as illegal drinking and smoking amongst teenagers. Most people may deem it as a teen thing. However, this issue continues to affect many of the lives of teenagers and even people whose identities were stolen.

If you happen to be living in Missouri, then you might want to know how to spot a fake ID. In this article, we are going to teach you how you can spot missouri fake id. Down below are some of the tips that you can use in spotting one.

How to tell which ID is fake?

The information sometimes gives away

One of the things that you need to remember when it comes to fake IDs is that the identities are borrowed. Many underage teens would often borrow their older sibling’s ID just to buy alcohol or tobacco in Missouri.

One tip that you can do when checking the ID is to double-check. Compare the person who is using the ID and the person in the ID. Compare the height, hair color, and even hairstyle. This way, you can easily find an authentic ID but with the wrong person. Make sure that you do ask questions about the bearer as well.

Forged IDs are also fake IDs

Aside from borrowed IDs, fake IDs are also forged IDs or altered IDs. Some fake ID makers would front-forge the IDs. Fake IDs usually have barcodes that don’t scan at all. Most forged IDs do not have scannable barcodes embedded in them. However, if the ID is forged both front and back, then you might have to get the code of the ID and have it run through an ID database.

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Another tip in spotting an edited ID card is the chalking marks. Most fake ID makers would often leave chalking marks under the birth date and name of the original ID. If you expose the ID in the black light, these marking would be very visible. Aside from black light, these markings are also visible in UV lights. UV lights can also spot glue marks around the sides and edges of the fake ID.

Design of the ID per state

Another thing that you need to check is the design per ID. If you happen to live in Missouri, then you would know that the ID design has been revised over the past few months. The local government wanted to stop fake IDs from circulating within the state, hence the new design with more security features.

Hence, if you currently spot an Old Missouri ID, then you might want to check the barcode and the features of the person. Not everyone has changed to the new ID, but knowing what the new ID looks like will help you narrow down which ID is fake.

Physical damages to the ID

Another important thing to watch out for is the damages. If you happen to see damage on the edges, the sides are slowly peeling off and glue marks on the ID, then you might want to report the person to the police. Other physical damages that you see in the ID are blurry photos and are thicker compared to the authentic ones.

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How to know if the ID is Authentic?

Several things will indicate if the ID that you have is fake or real. With this, we are going to describe briefly the characteristics of an authentic Missouri ID.

If you see a pre-printed, tiny line of information that is located in the background. It is placed in every part of the ID, including the ID photo. You can also see the overlapping data in the ID and a compliant and non-compliant REAL ID which is located in the upper right corner of the ID.

There is also a laser perforation of the dogwood flower and the date of birth is also laser engraved at the lower right-hand corner of the ID. Apart from that, you can see a ghost image in front of the ID which also overlapped the date of issuance, and two barcodes at the back.


Now that you have an idea of what a fake ID would look like, make sure to take your time checking IDs when presented to you. Some people would rush you when you are inspecting their ID. However, with some of the tips that we have given, we hope that you would be able to pinpoint some of the signs if the ID was tampered with, altered, or forged by the user.

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