Social Intranet Platforms: How are They Effective in Employee Collaboration

Social Intranet Platforms: How are They Effective in Employee Collaboration
Social Intranet Platforms

Different from the traditional internet, modern social intranet platforms are employee-friendly and engaging networks. These are equipped with many easy-to-use tools that offer a useful combination of social technology, sharing abilities, multimedia creation, and collaborative features.    

Social intranets are a modern response to the traditional internet, which did not promote collaboration or knowledge-sharing. The evolution of intranet software has provided organizations with a platform that brings employees onto a common platform and makes them work together for common objectives. 

Social intranet solutions not only connect a company’s people with each other but also save their time. Here is what the best social intranet platforms do for users to promote collaboration and improve productivity:

In today’s globalized industry, collaboration is key to success. As per research, more than 70% of employees of organizations that used traditional intranet for at least five years found the network boring. 

Unlike the platform companies used earlier, modern social intranets are interactive and engaging platforms. They allow employees to sit within a building or miles away from each other to collaborate in real-time. 

Using the platform, employees can communicate with each other and share information. They do not need to install multiple applications on their devices to work and connect with their colleagues.

  • Content Creation and Editing in Real-time 

In addition to talking to each other, authorized members can use social intranet platforms to create documents online and share them with others. In addition, multiple employees can work on the same document. Their changes are visible to others in real-time. In this way, multiple employees can collaborate on projects and work together while staying miles away from each other. 

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Apart from content creation, real-time editing is another fascinating feature of modern intranets that sets them apart from traditional tools. Senior executives and team leaders can examine their employees’ performance and give feedback online. 

In the presence of a social intranet solution, employees do not need to visit each other to perform their duties. 

  • Centralized Information

Social intranet software serves as a platform to store knowledge securely online. All employees can save their files over a common network, which is accessible to other authorized members. Whenever someone requires information, they can search for it over the network and retrieve it easily. In this way, employees sitting in two different parts of the world can share knowledge with one another.

  • Comments, Blogs, and Forums

To promote collaboration and encourage employees to use the cloud-based network, the best social intranet platforms offer engaging features like blogs and forums. Authorized employees can Blog Posting and others comment on it. Apart from that, there can be forum discussions to talk about new ideas and find ways to implement them. It works similar to a social media website.  

A company or people handling the intranet software decide who can post blogs and the members who can make comments. 

  • Virtual Meetings

Today, when businesses have their offices in different parts of the world, it is challenging to hold weekly or monthly meetings. However, this is not the case when a company has a modern social intranet channel in place. The platform is equipped with all those features that a company may require to hold online meetings. In this way, an intranet can help organizations in virtual meetings, where employees do not have to be in a common room to discuss ideas.

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In the End

Social intranet platforms are simple, effective, and inexpensive solutions to promote collaboration in an organization. They are equipped with easy-to-use tools that are engaging and encourage employees to make the intranet a part of their organizational life. 

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