How to Pokemon GO Location Spoofer with UnicTool TailorGo

How to Pokemon GO Location Spoofer with UnicTool TailorGo


We are guessing most of you heard of NoobProof’s Pokémon GO location spoofing method. It’s really good. You just need a Microsoft Excel Template and a Account to deploy it. We’ve been thinking about a similar approach, but we think it’s practically impossible to do it with plain Excel. The approaches/methods listed below are very accurate (and most likely efficient as well) if you want to spoof your location on a Pokémon GO Spoofers. The solution is now in the hands of the community. Our solution is based on two parts: both are workable and robust. The first one is a simple generic method and the one is based on Pokémon GO Location Spoofer.

Part 1: How to Spoof Pokémon GO GPS Location on Android/iOS

For any Pokémon GO fan, not only the rare and shiny Pokestops are worth hunting for. What you’ll likely miss the most is the PokéStops that share your real-world location. Using an Android/iOS device, you can spoof your GPS location to trick the game into bringing up all kinds of Pokestops that aren’t real. Spoofing locations is a simple process, and once you understand the following guidelines, you’ll be spiking any Pokestops you want to, or at least getting them closer.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings on Android/iOS

  • To Spoof GPS Location, first head to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, navigate to Settings, and tap on Location Services.
  • Turn off Location Services for everything except the list of apps you want to work with GPS spoofing.
  • Now open the Google Maps app. Tap on Settings, and select Location. Turn off the location sharing for Maps as well.
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This isn’t foolproof; you’ll still receive Pokémon GO notifications for Pokestops that are actually somewhere else than your real location. You can at least spoof these locations.

Step 2: Launch Pokémon GO

  • Launch Pokémon GO, and your GPS spoofing abilities will kick in to Pokemon GO Location Spoofer. You’ll receive notifications and phone calls for PokéStops nearby that you’re not actually in.

Step 3: Finally, Spoofing is Done!

  • You can access your GPS spoofing feature at any time by launching Pokémon GO, tapping on the menu at the top, and then tapping on Accounts and Accounts Settings.
  • Tap on Location Services, and select the app you want to use GPS spoofing with.

This trick has proven to be very effective for many Pokémon GO players, but be wary that it may not always work as compared to the working ability of most popular Pokémon GO Spoofers. GPS spoofing is a fun way to spoil your game, but you may also get caught by Niantic and receive a ban.

Part 2: Why Do I Need a GPS Spoofing app for Pokémon GO Location Hack?

GPS spoofing is really simple but you won’t find many apps that make spoofing this very easy. The app that we are going to discuss here is TailorGo. Yes! It is one that is very simple and that works best for any device in order to Spoof GPS Location. With this app, you can set your location manually and you’re good to go. We want to make it really clear, that you don’t need to pay any money to anyone to get started with this Pokémon GO Location Spoofer. The app is free and that’s all. It is that simple. TailorGo has all you need for Spoof GPS Location.

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Amazing Features:

– Easy and Complete Steps to Set & Maintain GPS Spoofing

– Precisely Choose GPS Spoofing Location

– See How You Rate on Spoofing per Day

– Configure GPS Spoofing for Age/Gender/Country

– Disable Location Sharing with Other Apps

– Find & Delete Spoofed Locations

– Manage Spoofing Activity

– Save/Load Location Spoofs

– Set Your Location

– Launch the Game & Tap on Manage GPS Spoofing

– Set & Maintain Spoof Location

– Manage Spoofing Activity

Final Words

Pokémon GO fans need not be concerned with obtaining a highly effective solution for spoofing. The Spoof GPS Location hack from our team is an effective solution for Pokémon GO location hackers who want to play the game as much as possible. The solution is provided to make the in-game experience better. It is easy and straightforward. A beginner can easily master to use TailorGo without any hazard. 

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