Instagram marketing has become immensely popular nowadays, especially among millennials, to increase their brand visibility and boost brand exposure. If you are just starting on social media marketing, you must work your way through Instagram marketing because it can keep you in direct contact with your target audience.

Instagram marketing is a great way to promote products if you can get Instagram followers. For marketers of the 21st century, Instagram is a favorite one as it can give birth to some excellent shopping and customer interaction experience.

What is Instagram Marketing?

When brands use Instagram to connect with their audience and promote their product offerings, it is called Instagram Marketing. Users can upload a wide array of photos, videos, and engaging content to get in touch with their audience. You can leverage influencers who already have many followers on Instagram to promote your products if you are new on this platform.

Best Tips for Beginners to start Instagram Marketing

If you are a beginner at social media marketing, here are some tips for developing your Instagram Marketing tactics.

1. Always use a Business Account

If you plan to use your Instagram account to market your business, make sure you use a business account instead of your account. A business account will provide you features like Instagram Ads, Instagram Shopping, Primary Message Inboxes, and so on that you cannot access your account. Instagram email scraper can be beneficial because they require an extensive customer list and updated data for beneficial email marketing campaigns.

Sprout Social, Keyhole, SquareLovin,, Social Rank are some of the best SEO tools you can use in your business account to get Instagram followers.

2. Write Catchy Captions

Generally, people tend to read the captions before they scan through the article. That is why it is of utmost importance to write an attractive caption for diverting your audience’s attention to your post. Since only the first two lines of your caption will appear on people’s news feeds, make sure you use all the necessary information in those two lines.

Make the caption relevant, informative, compelling, and innovative. One of the best SEO tools you can use for this purpose is Wordtracker Scout. It will help you identify the most searched keywords in your industry, and thus you can get a credible idea of how to make your caption more SEO friendly.

3. Use Hashtags carefully

Hashtags can increase your brand visibility and can also help you get more Instagram followers. You can use 5-9 hashtags in a post for making it look relevant, but more than that can make your post look stuffy and pushy, so you won’t want to do that. Hashtags are the best SEO tools because they remain specific to your niche, and people generally search the hashtags if they’re going to find content.

4. Optimize your Bio

In only 150 characters or less, you can convey your brand personality to your target people. That is why make your bio interesting enough so that people bother to follow your account. Include your name, username, website link, contact info, call-to-action text in your bio to make it look relevant to people.

You can also use story highlights to boost your bio strength. It can give your followers more practical information about your business. Iconosquare is one of the best SEO tools that can grant you real-time data. You can check how well your content is performing and how your competitors’ content is promoting too with its help.

5. Create visually attractive posts

Instagram is all about visual content so make sure your photos are well-composed, well-lit, and well-focused. You can also use images instead of pictures like Canva for infographics. However, in that case, make sure they look crisp, clear, and act as eye candies.

You can upload reels, videos, behind-the-scenes photos, and instructional posts to engage your followers for starters. Plan is one of the best SEO tools you can take help from in this context because it integrates design tools such as Canva and allows you to monitor how your posts are performing.


For all the beginner Instagram marketers out there, we would like to say that you manage your online presence in your other social media accounts besides Instagram. It will grant your brand more discoverability and connection to your audience, which is the actual marketing motto on social media.

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