The dos and don’ts of skip hire in Chorley

Getting a head start on your annual new years’ cupboard clear-out? Maybe you’ve got a bathroom or kitchen refit in the books?

Whatever you’re up to, you’re going to need a way to dispose of your unwanted items and waste materials – and skip hire in Chorley is a wonderfully convenient and cost-effective way to go about it.

Whether it’s your first time hiring a skip or you’re a seasoned pro, there are some things you should know before you go through with the booking.

So, here are some of the most important do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when you hire a skip in Chorley.

Do: hire the right skip size

Choosing the right skip size is crucial.

If you hire a container that’s too small, you’ll likely have to hire a second skip to accommodate the rest of your rubbish, paying twice as much as you need to.

Or you might end up with a container that’s too big – and while this is better than not having enough room, you’ll still be paying for empty space.

So, which skip sizes are available, and how do you choose the right one?

Typical skip sizes in Chorley include:

  • 2-yard mini – These skips are perfect for small home projects, like cupboard clear-outs or bedroom tidy-ups, and can hold 20-30 bin bags full of waste.
  • 4-yard midi – If you’re working on something slightly bigger, like a kitchen remodel, these skips are your best bet, as they can hold between 30-40 bin bags full of waste.
  • 8-yard maxi – For large-scale renovation projects, these skips are more than ideal, holding up to 80 bin bags full of rubbish.
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Don’t: overfill your container

Too much waste in one skip can be extremely unsafe – not just for you, but also for your neighbours and the skip hire firm’s staff.

An overfilled skip means you’ve likely exceeded its maximum weight limit. Iif a driver takes it away, they run the risk of being prosecuted because of the dangers it represents, and you could face extra charges.

As a general rule, you should make sure that your waste doesn’t pile higher than the top of your container.

Do: check if you need a skip hire permit

Skip hire permits are often overlooked, but they’re an extremely important part of skip hire.

Whether you need one or not depends on where you plan to leave your container, and if this is on your own private land (i.e., in your garden or driveway), or on council-owned land (public roads, pavements, etc).

If you’re leaving your skip on private property then you won’t need a permit, but if you have no other option but to leave it on the road or path outside your home, you’ll need to obtain a permit from your local council.

Don’t: throw prohibited items into your container

Only certain types of waste are accepted in skip hire containers. While standard home renovation or clean-up projects shouldn’t generate lots of hazardous items, it’s still important to be aware of what you can and can’t get rid of.

Some of these items include:

  • Fridges, freezers, and other appliances
  • Electronics (phones, laptops, etc)
  • Oil and paint cans
  • Rubber tyres
  • Biological, medical, or laboratory waste
  • Food waste
  • Batteries
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If you have an item you’re unsure of, give your chosen skip hire company a call to check before putting it in your container.

Ready to hire a skip in Chorley?

Skip hire is sure to be a big help when it comes to getting rid of all your unwanted waste, but it’s important you get it right.

For further information or to make a booking, why not get in touch with the team over at Adlington Skip Hire?

With years of experience in the industry, they’re well-placed to help, and would be more than happy to answer your questions!

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