The Transformation from Physical Working to Virtual Working Platform

The unprecedented pandemic has robustly hit the global business economy world widely. Moreover, the abrupt lockdown has pressurized the business market to collapse either permanently or temporarily. Moreover, to prevent the spread of diseases, the government has sanctioned offices to take such substantial precautionary measures that were affecting revenue generation. The multiple waves of COVID have further aggravated the situation and challenged the continuity and survival of business operations. Hence running an office defectively in the COVID situation with all the precautionary measures in terms of social distancing, half working force, and fewer working hours was not feasible. Therefore, virtual offices with different electronic devices and tools were introduced to combat the crises and to prevent the collapse of the business company. The virtual office is defined as the use of telecommunication-related technologies to perform office work. The offices provide portable devices to employees and they accomplish their work from anywhere according to their feasibility.

How Virtual Office Platform Influence on Work-life Balance of Employees

Millions of people use virtual platforms around the globe. The immediate transformation from physical work setting to complete virtual office platform has blurred the line between family and working life. According to a UK based report, initially, people were more satisfied to work on a virtual platform as it was a nice opportunity to work in their comfort zone. However, with the passage of time people realized different consequences that changed the concept of working on a virtual platform. Moreover, the home environment also impacts productivity and balance between work and life. The new trend of working style has both positive and negative influences on a balance of work and life.

Positive Influence of Virtual Office Platform on Work-life Balance of Employees

Working environment immensely affects the work-life balance as if you work in your comfort zone you will be more productive, and less stressed. The virtual office provides the opportunity to work according to your own schedule and this can also increase job satisfaction and quality of work. The stress related to everyday commute also vanishes hereby makes employees feel happier. Moreover, the virtual platform also provides maximum time to spend with family that further motivates and satisfies the employees. During the break timing, the employee gets time to spend with family hence work and family life is both gets satisfied. Furthermore, the employees also get extra time to remain healthy, they get time to do some exercise, yoga and also gets healthy food to eat. And all of the above the safety; people remains at home and are at low risk of exposure to the global pandemic this saves them from suffering in terms of finance and health.

Negative Influence of Virtual Platform on Work-Life Balance of Employees

Initially, everyone was satisfied with the new trend of working style, later people realized the negative consequences. The working hours were relatively increased adversely affecting the work and life balance. All the expenses related to internet connectivity remain due to the employees that stress them financially leading to low satisfaction. Women are most affected due to virtual platforms especially with kids whose responsibilities of both work and family life merged. Hence unable to designate proper timings to work and family had stressed them. The fixed working environment isolates the employees, it makes them feel like they are the only ones working or struggling and they also sometimes get deprived of asking for help. This frustrates them and affects their working life. Moreover, the office environment plays an important role to surge the employer’s interest and motivating him/her and the home environment does not do the same thing that again leads to an imbalance of work and family life. Some employees also work extra hours and stay most of the time on laptops this can create family life conflict

Strategies for Virtual Offices to Improve Work-Life Balance of Employees

In order to have a positive balance between work and life, it is necessary to manage time effectively and appropriately. Therefore, substantial strategies should be taken to improve the virtual working experience. Firstly, a proper schedule should be maintained to avoid any kind of disruption either at work or in family life. Breaks should be taken in between the working time to remain motivated and to spend some quick good time with the family. Moreover, frequent meetings with colleagues should be arranged to ask for help and to get updates on the progress of their work. Employees should include exercise in their schedule to remain healthy and active. Further, staying at home all the time might affect your mental health, therefore, set timings for hobbies to reduce boredom and rejuvenate yourself.  Ask for help when required. This helps you to reduce stress related to work that will aid to maintain a balance between work and life.


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