Things you should know before installing solar panels

Things you should know before installing solar panels

Solar power technology has made incredible advancements in recent years. Solar energy is a reusable form of energy that is produced by solar panels. A solar panel, also known as a photo-voltaic module, is a collection of photo-voltaic cells mounted on a framework for installation. They use direct sunlight to produce electricity. They generate direct current. Solar panels are also called “PV panels”. If you are interested in getting solar panels installed at your home? You can chat directly with the representative of

Uses of solar panels

Solar panels are used for so many purposes. Like:

  • Solar water heating
  • Solar ventilation
  • Solar lighting
  • Solar transportation

Advantages of solar panels

From recent years, it is proved that residential and commercial solar panels are extremely beneficial. They take clean and pure energy from the sun. That’s why they are environment friendly. Some main advantages are:

  • Reduce electricity bills
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Doesn’t pollute the environment
  • Clean and renewable energy source

Factors to consider before installing solar panels

Solar panel installation on the roof is the best and secure way to produce electricity. However, still there are some things that should be considered:

  • Repair your roof

Before starting, ask you, does my roof need any repairs? Because installing panels on damaged roofs will ruin your place instead of giving you benefits. So, if your roof is damaged, it isn’t the best idea to install the panels.

  • Roof type

All houses have different roof types. Some of them are straight while some are in triangular shape. So some roof types are not suitable for installation. They require a little more effort and cost. Nevertheless, panels can be installed on every type of roof only it demands a little more effort.

  • Enough space
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Make sure there’s enough space on your roof. Panels will give you benefits only if you handle and place them in an efficient manner. So there must be enough space on your roof.

  • Geographical Location

First of all, see, is the house in a good location for installing solar panels. If your house’s location is opposite to the sun then you have to place the panels properly. The panel must face the sun directly in order to produce energy. There must be no shadow on the panel. All efforts will be lost if panels are not placed properly.

  • Quality of installation

Try to choose a good and reliable company for installment. The company must be in business for some years and must have well trained workers. A well installed system will be reliable. So try to focus on this point.

  • Sunlight exposure

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Amount of energy produced by solar panels depends on the amount of sunlight taken by these panels. So try to put the panels in such a place where they face direct exposure to the sun. In addition, we know that the sun changes its position throughout the day, so make sure your panels can take as much light as possible.

  • Cost

Focus on your cost. Cost always depends on size, type and company that you are choosing. You may also want to consider leasing the solar panels instead of buying them. So make sure to make a proper budget that suits you.

  • Choose trusted brand
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Go for a trusted brand. Keep one thing in mind that you have to invest in solar panels just once. And afterwards, you just enjoy its benefits. A trusted brand’s panel will have more lifetime than that of cheap ones. So, invest once but at the right place.

  • Measure energy usage

Look at the energy requirement of your house and the area where you want to install the panels. It will let you know how many panels you require. And will help to cover solar energy consumption.

  • Upgrading of solar panel

A normal cost solar panel can generate electricity for more than 20 years. So don’t upgrade your panel every year. Because there’s no such need. It will just affect your budget. And, the output of new ones will be the same as the oldies.


World is looking for pollution free renewable sources to produce energy. So in this regard, solar panels are the safest way of producing electricity. Solar energy has capacity to fulfill the need of required energy.

Also, they are more efficient and cheaper than traditional electricity. Therefore, it is believed that solar energy is the energy of the future that will fulfill all required energy needs at a lower rate. Also, it is environmentally friendly. So, there is no hazard of pollution.

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