3 Easy Steps to Increasing and Measuring Sales Productivity

3 Easy Steps to Increasing and Measuring Sales Productivity

Almost 79% of sales chiefs said that the chance to achieve new goals increases by increasing sales productivity. In fact, the profitable expansion of business depends upon sales productivity.

How much effort is required by your team to make your corporation successful?

Proper research shows that every corporation’s success is based on sales productivity, but most of the chiefs neglect this basic principle. They opt for complicated strategies to make sure the effective growth of their business. This is the worst decision that many chiefs make.

Training the employees is not quite difficult. It involves three basic steps. You need to formulate appropriate criteria via a pensive approach. It does not involve a master’s class degree in psychology. Rather, basic criteria must be followed to make your employees more efficient.

There are three applicable steps mentioned below to ensure profitable sales productivity maintenance.

What do you need to know about sales productivity?

At first, it is mandatory for us to define sales productivity. A productive sales squad is both organized and successful.

The organization is the kind of behavior in which time is used for useful activities by minimization of time killers. For instance, consider two sales squads who spend the same time span on different tasks. One squad managing phone calls, making a transaction, sending emails, and remaining connected with the public is more productive and active than those who have been involved in paperwork for the whole day round.

The successful career of a sales team depends upon its usage of resources to ensure the profitable growth of the corporation. Consider two sales squads that spend equal time span on managing phone calls and email transactions. The one who is more focused on making meetings and sales seminars will earn more profit.

To encourage your sales team to be as productive as

possible, you have to find ways to make them both efficient and effective.

Following three steps must be followed:

  •   Maintain trail of benchmarks
  •   Sales managers innovate the corporation’s management by introducing new parameters. They generate awards, introduce new measures and formulate principles for their team. Almost 49% of corporations opt for reliable methods to estimate sales productivity.
  •   It is mandatory for you to analyze the entire situation and find where is the exact problem lies. After funding the problem, you can make an appropriate solution. For this, KPIs or “key performance indicators” are reliable measures to evaluate the sales team’s performance.

Customer service must be updated. Consumer-centric measures must be innovated. In this way, consumers leave their previous choices and become long-term purchasers of your corporation. Because your corporation listens to their issues and resolves them. Also, you keep them updated about your upcoming stock.

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Few KPIs to maintain trial are:

Appropriate deal size: Must ensure that your company is not spending its precious time on managing small business deals. They have limited profit and productivity chances. Rather, large business deals are reliable to earn huge profits.

Retention ratio: If the corporation is enticing new consumers but cannot uphold them for long-term relationships, your corporation cannot achieve huge success. Maintain proper customer service relationships and engage your customers for a longer time span.

Sales length: You must ensure that your corporation is not making lengthy proceedings of every sale. Tend to keep all the activities to be accomplished on time. Stay away from time-waster tools.

Conservation ratio: It gives you the idea of how many anticipations your company can change into consumers.

Despite KPIs, activity record gives you an idea to make a correct estimation about the sales team’s efficiency. KPIs focus on the performance capability of your employees. Activity records help you to identify what is the working efficiency of sales team workers.

If the conversion ratio is too low, for instance, the marketing sector of your corporation is not managing high-quality products? And lengthy sales phase is because sales managers are not confirming the contracts on time?

The activity ratio keeps you aware of how much efficient your team is and is there any need to make an alliance with other departments to ensure profitable growth. Some parameters which you need to analyze are:

  •   Phone calls
  •   Email transactions
  •   Social media association
  •   Sales demonstration
  •   Benchmarks appeals

Above mentioned activities are the duties of your corporation’s sales team. If the sales team is not performing all the activities, you need to involve other diligent members to ensure the profitable expansion of the business.

Organize the struggle of your sales team

Appropriate technological innovations are mandatory to ensure the success of the corporation. If the corporation is not using innovative technologies, it is wasting its precious time.

The CRM of your corporation must be designed so that re-entering of records can not occur. If you have to change the previous record of some customer, it means that the CRM is not working well. Actually, CRM can work on an automatic system. If you sign in to a device, it will be automatically noted rather than manual entry details. CRM needs to keep a record of all the documentation of your corporation.

Beyond CRM, a manual system is also mandatory to check the activity of your corporation. The question is that how many measures are required to promote the working criteria of your corporation?

Another question is that are the documents verified by handmade signatures?

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It consumes a lot of time and wastes all this time. Rather, an online system must be introduced which keep a record of all the documentation automatically.

Sales measures effectively upsurge the working order of your corporation. It will make all the activities easier for your team to handle. But don’t put the burden on the team of much technical innovation. It will confuse them and create distress in the working environment. Rather, focus on one technology and use it properly.

An automatic setup is the best way to keep all the records preserved. Some key points are given here.

A computer can easily perform all these functions. If your sales team is doing these works, it is wasting its precious time. Let us leave the technical work on technological apparatus and put our efforts on the right thing.

Motivation for sales productivity

Many corporations want to make their company successful by taking challenges and tend to compete with other companies. In this way, useless reinforcement of powers occurs, and your team members cannot achieve the set goals. The sales team members will be no more honest and loyal towards their corporation. Rather, they waste their efforts on useless activities.

Despite this, a cooperative and effective team must be organized to ensure profitable growth. Almost 60% of the business leaders said that called sails work increases sales productivity by 25%. Following are some tools to be adopted.

Share motivational content such as emails, posts, videos, and articles. It will maintain the working efficiency of all the employees and keep them motivated. Source of inspiration is mandatory for every corporation’s success. By this, employees work efficiently and utilize all of their efforts to achieve the set goal.

Promote engagement: several parameters must be utilized to keep all the employees engaged in working activities. Lunches can be organized to promote sales. Sales seminars can be arranged to keep motivated and engaged in its work till its completion.

Commemorate success: If your corporation has achieved success, you must celebrate it in an organized way. You have to manage group celebrations. If any employee has achieved either huge or small success, you have to appreciate them to motivate them.

Productivity is the ultimate result of applicable measures. Inspire your team to make huge success in the competitive environment. It will enforce a positive attitude in the sales team.

Sales productivity is crucial for your corporation. Use some of these measures to ensure the profitable growth of your corporation. 

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