Tips for Gaming on a Budget

Tips for Gaming on a Budget

Gaming is a hobby that around half of us enjoy. A recent survey found that a large proportion of gamers play as a way to relax and/or destress, while a 2019 NIH study suggested that there may be even more benefits than this.

The downside is that gaming can quickly add up to be an expensive hobby, especially if you enjoy playing all of the most recent releases as soon as they hit shelves. A modern AAA release for the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X will often set you back $70, while cheaper titles aren’t usually much far behind. Then there are the costs of hardware, subscriptions, microtransactions, and peripherals to throw on top.

This can make gaming prohibitively expensive for some players. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make it possible to enjoy great games on a budget.

Delay Your Purchases

New titles cost a lot, but the price is often cut pretty quickly afterwards. Therefore, if you have the patience to wait, even just a couple of weeks or months, you can usually find AAA games for less than their launch price.

This is especially true for games like Madden, Call of Duty, and FIFA that get annual releases. They all typically go on sale in or just before the last quarter of the year, but will then be significantly cheaper by Christmas if you shop around.

Use Promotions and Discounts

Like with just about everything else we can spend money on, there are often promotions that allow us to save some cash on the titles we play. For those that enjoy playing in casinos, there are dozens of bonuses that can help you get more value from table games and slots.

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Similarly, coupon codes can help you save money when shopping with online retailers like Amazon, GameStop, and Game. Then there are deal sites like Humble Bundle that run time-limited promotions where you can make huge savings by buying a package of multiple titles together.

Play Free Titles

Free games are nothing new. In fact, popular titles like Doom were originally distributed using the shareware model, which meant players could give copies to their friends at no cost.

Today, though, the number of quality free games has exploded thanks to the free-to-play approach that many publishers now use to distribute their content. Titles like Call of Duty: Mobile, Fortnite, League of Legends, CS: GO, and Mario Kart Tour are all available to download completely free of charge.

Free doesn’t mean poor quality either. Many free-to-play games are on par with paid-for alternatives.


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