Tips to Stay Safe when Processing Payments online

Tips to Stay Safe when Processing Payments online

There are a lot of reasons to shop online such as mind-boggling selection, fast shipping, and 24/7 accessibility to brands and businesses around the globe. But online purchases or payment processing also come with the small risk of cybercriminals stealing sensitive payment information and personal data. Bad guys are always there to compromise payment details and information online.

Thanks to advanced online security solutions and tools, you can rely on technology to prevent ID theft and other security threats while processing payments online. Since all your personal details and information are encrypted, but still there is a chance of a data breach. This is where you need to use common sense and adopt best online practices to stay safe and protected from malicious persons.

In this article, we will discuss the best tips to stay safe when processing payments online so you can shop and pay with confidence.

Deal with Reputed Brands and Websites Only

Whether it is the matter to pay the life insurance premium, payment for online shopping, or a personal payment online, don’t just process the payment unless you know the website well. Make sure the website is reputable and has all necessary security measures to keep sensitive details and information from getting into the wrong hands. Good websites and online stores are operational with SSL certificates to encrypt sensitive data and information automatically. If you know the site better, the chances of stealing information are reduced.

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Look for the Lock (HTTPS)

Never purchase anything online or process a payment from a site that doesn’t have HTTPS in its URL. URL of a secure website starts with HTTPS and it shows a locked padlock in the URL bar as well. It shows that all the information and details submitted to the web page will be automatically encrypted. SSL certificate is a standard now as Google Chrome flags as a not secure without the extra S, HTTP instead of HTTPS. So, make sure to check the URL of the website before you make an online purchase or process a payment online.

Use Credit Cards for Online Shopping & Payments

Experts always recommend the use of a credit card for online shopping and payments than a debit card. As your debit card is directly linked to your bank account, it could be extremely risky in case of ID theft or data breach. Credit cards come with limits, so cannot be misused to the level a debit card can be. Fraudulent credit card payments are also very easy to dispute than debit cards. Always use a credit card for online shopping and payments as they are specifically designed for online payment processing.

Online Payment Apps are Also Good to Use

In this digital era of life, there are several online payment apps available. Payment apps and digital wallets like Google Pay, PayPal, and Apple Pay allow you to set up multiple payment methods at a place with greater convenience and security. These apps come with security features like multi-factor authentication, push notifications, and real-time alerts. Most payment apps also allow you to set up fingerprint or facial recognition to boost payment security and protection. These payment apps help you process payments easily while keeping your sensitive details protected from cybercriminals.

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Avoid Public Computers and Internet for Online Payments

Make sure you are not using a public computer or internet connection to maintain protection and security while processing payments online. Public computers and open internet connections can easily be manipulated by hackers and cyber criminals to gain access to your payment details and personal information. That’s why, make a habit to use your personal devices and internet connection to add an extra layer of security. If there is no other option available but a public WiFi to process a payment, make sure you are using a reliable VPN solution to keep your connection and information private.

Final Thoughts

Implementation of all above mentioned online payment security tips can help you stay safe and protected while conducting transactions online. If you suspect that your personal details or payment information has been misused, be quick to contact your bank or credit card provider and file a dispute. Keep checking your statements on a regular basis can also help you prevent fraudulent payments and other online payment concerns like unwanted charges and fees.

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