Top 5 languages for Web development in 2021

Top 5 languages for Web development in 2021

Nowadays, the business world involves more digital technologies, and web development plays an important role in business expansion. In case someone decides to create a web solution for business growth, they must strive to select the best programming language for web development. As every business has its own services and products, web development for businesses has its unique requirements.

The programming language selection relies on your goal, actually what you want to get with it. For instance, – RoR is the most preferred language among the startups for its speedy MVP development behavior. On the other hand, the same is not suitable for the web development of scalable enterprises. In that case, you can go for Python.

Key points to be considered while selecting a language for web development:

As there are so many different programming languages for web development, it will be tough to decide and adopt the best for language to build your business website. Here are some factors that can be analyzed to choose the best programming language.

  • First of all, decide your targeted platform on which your web solution will be executed. Web app developed with specific language is not able to run on all platforms.
  • Choose a language that provides extensive libraries, components, plugins to append functionalities to the web solution and that can reduce code length.
  • Pick the language based on your project size. That can easily carry your business goal as well as suit your project’s complexity.
  • The programming language must suit to your development time and cost.
  • Select the language for web development that can be flexible enough to add or remove the functions whenever it is required with a good performance.
  • Your programming language must have broad community support that can help you whenever you need it.
  • Identify the language that releases the updates time to time with constant developer support.

Famous Programming Languages for Web Development


Python has the most constant developer community support, which makes it a popular and easy to access programming language among the new developers. Python has a simple coding process that can stand apart from other complex programming languages.

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This programming language is also famous as the most suitable language for developing AI and ML-based web app solutions. Additionally, it is a flexible and highly efficient teaching tool for novice developers.

The famous website of Instagram, YouTube, Uber, Dropbox, Pinterest, and some google projects has built by utilizing Python.

Advantages of Python:

  • Straightforward to utilize and easy to get
  • Multi-platform Support
  • Reduce code and improve the development time
  • Open-source with an immense developer support
  • Extensive libraries to create a feature-rich web application
  • Easily handles the complicated projects

Disadvantages of Python:

  • It’s not the right choice for mobile platforms
  • It doesn’t support the development of 3D graphic games
  • It is not suggested for multi-processor operations


It is a trendy and broadly picked programming language for web development in the industry. Java is an object-oriented programming language that facilitates the write-once and runs anywhere feature with versatility.

Java is continuously raising its fame among developers worldwide with its flexibility for game and enterprise web development. JVM allows supporting multi-platforms. There are so many companies that developed their back-end with Java.

O’Reilly, LinkedIn,, Sun Developer Network, eBay are the top websites that use Java.

Advantages of Java:

  • Easy to get and study like developer
  • Security and a vast community
  • Class-based and multithreading code
  • Multi-platform support with memory management
  • Less security risks
  • Simple syntax with high-level programming

Disadvantages of Java:

  • Many glossaries to learn
  • Poor performance
  • Complex code


JavaScript is the right choice that enables developers to enhance webpage interactivity. It’s a frontend programming language to create scalable web applications, and you can use JavaScript with Node js as a server-side scripting language to develop a robust backend. Moreover, with versatile syntax, it can run with almost all web browsers.

Since it goes excellently with event-driven programming languages, JavaScript is a perfect choice for complex I/O operations. JavaScript automates the webpage tasks, append multimedia functionalities for dynamic web applications.

Many famous websites developed using JavaScript, such as Wikipedia, LinkedIn, QQ, Twitter.

Advantages of JavaScript:

  • Enhanced development speed
  • Simplicity & Interoperability
  • Extensive Functionality
  • User Interface Interactivity
  • Versatility

Disadvantages of JavaScript:

  • Client-side security issue
  • Code always visible
  • Browser Support
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PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, and it is a famous backend programming language. It’s a general-purpose scripting language that is able to handle links between data handling and server. PHP is not recommended for frontend development because it doesn’t focus on the UI of a web app.

It is a stable interpreted programming language, it is generally rendered by an interpreter, so it is mostly used for server-side programming. That involves the tasks that are frequently executed during the website development process. As it has many features, any type of dynamic website can develop with it.

Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, Slack, MailChimp, Etsy, WordPress are excellent websites developed by PHP.

Advantages of PHP:

  • Highly scalable
  • An immense community supports
  • Easy to embed with HTML
  • Rapid custom web development
  • Simplify web app maintenance
  • Reduce code
  • Effectively work with database
  • Open-source & reduce web development cost

Disadvantages of PHP:

  • The programmer requires to learn HTML
  • Lack of choice to change core behavior
  • Affects website’s speed and performance
  • Not suggested for desktop solutions


It is another scripting language that is usually used for web development. The reason behind its preference is its Ruby on Rails web app development structure. It is an easy-to-understand language, so it is good to go for Novices. Ruby has a developer-friendly interface, so it is an excellent combination of Python and Pearl qualities.

Another advantage of RubyGems is there are the plugins that make development easier with Ruby on Rails. It eliminates the need to write the code from scratch for a lot of features like host authorization, payment gateway integration, and more. RubyGems has plugins that make the development process easy. Ruby reduces the obligation to code from scratch for many functions such as host support, integration of payment gateway, and so more.

Advantages of Ruby:

  • A significant amount of helpful libraries and tools
  • Enthusiastic community to support
  • Time efficiency
  • Strong adherence to standards
  • Compatibility with frontend frameworks

Disadvantages of Ruby:

  • Performance time
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Constant evolution
  • Execution speed and performance
  • Lower popularity

A suitable programming language for a web development project will be reliable and satisfy your business needs. You can see there is no wonder that JavaScript and Python both have almost the same preference. Ruby and PHP are the easiest way for web development. Consider your business needs and select the best for your business.






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