Top 5 Mysterious Islands Of The World

Top 5 Mysterious Islands Of The World

A few such dark and unexplored islands comprise abandoned hospitals, dangerous wildlife, cryptic atolls, and many more spine-chilling edifice. So, to make you experience the scare of these mysterious islands while you are at a comfortable and safe place, we have brought for you the top five mysterious islands that are still present on this earth.

5 Most Mysterious and Terrifying Islands Confirmed To Exists In 2021

1.) Battleship Island, Japan: This island is officially called Hashima Island, a distance of 9 miles from Nagasaki, Japan. The island, surrounded by the sea wall, remains abandoned, but the old structures in the form of concrete buildings remain.

The presence of undersea coal mines, which was functional during the industrialization period of Japan, made this island famous in the past. When coal was discovered here in 1810 and 1890, Mitsubishi Goshi Kaisha bought this island and ordered construction on it. Amongst many other facilities built for the islanders, the prominent ones were a school, apartment blocks, a hospital, a kindergarten, a communal bath, a cinema, a town hall, a clubhouse, and a swimming pool.

But, starting from the 1930s to the end of the Second World War, innumerable Korean recruited civilians, and Chinese prisoners were forcefully brought here to work under harsh and ruthless conditions. Some reports say that many workers had died during this period, succumbing to exhaustion, underground accidents, and malnutrition.

Replacement of coal with petroleum in 1974 led to the closing of coal mines on the island that forced all its residents to leave the island forever. For years, Battleship Island was closed for everyone, and if anyone caught breaking this rule was sentenced to deportation from Japan. The island is cited as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is welcoming visitors from all over the world.


2.) The Gozo Island, Malta: Malta, known to be the home of the most mysterious things on this planet, owes it to its ancient constructions. These constructions that include catacombs, observatories, and temples are believed to be made 1000 years before the pyramids of Egypt were created.

It is presumed that the architecture of Gozo Island, Malta had cultural significance. Even today, with the help of technology-driven advanced machines, moving the ancient built clumps that weigh several tons remains a difficult task.

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There’s no clarity on who built it, how it was built, and what made the civilizations abandon the land. Moreover, the whole island has large nuts all over the place that indicate a group of roads or rails, but there were no traces of wooden or other material wheels on the island.


3.) The Roanoke Island: Roanoke Island is famous as the home to the group of colonists that vanished from the place into thin air. The story about the island is dated back to 1587 when the then settlement leader, John White, had to go to England to get the necessary supplies, and he had left over 100 people (Both women and men) on this island. Unfortunately, a war broke out in England at that time, and Mr. White could return only after three years.

Before going to England, a promise was made by the colonists to Mr. White that they would draw a sign at a visible place on the island if they wish to leave the site before he arrives. On his arrival on the island after three years, John did find a word “CROATOAN ” written on the fence of the village and the alphabets C, R, and O carved into a tree close by, which seemed to be an acronym of the first word.

It is believed that CROATOAN was the name of the neighboring tribe, but no settlements were found. It is also assumed that the disappeared colonists were sacrificed in a ritual performed in favor of the Croatoan, which might be ‘The Soul Reaper’ god.

This suspenseful story about Roanoke Island has become a plot for a few works in literature, and theories have been made stating that “Croatoan” is a virus with no cure.


4.) The Por-Bazhyn Island: The word Por-Bazhyn, translated as “clay house” from the Tuvan language, is a historical monument on a small island situated in the center of a Lake named, Tere-Khol in the Republic in Yuva.

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The story for Por-Bazhyn construction on the small island making rounds is that it was created as a summer residence meant for resting. The researchers have even found that the lake surrounding the island has disappeared multiple times because of the blocking of underground springs.

The Por-Bazhyn fortress was probably constructed at the time of one such disappearance, proved by roads at the bottom of the lake. However, the exact reasons behind construction decay are not yet known, and there are no proper historical figures as to who resided on the island.


5.) The North Brother Island: The history of North Brother Island is compared to the island’s Venetian twin. The story of this island is dated back to the end of the 19th Century when a hospital known for curing smallpox and quarantining the sick was opened.

A ship named “General Slocum” wrecked near the island’s coast in 1904, killing over a thousand people. Another hospital, which was a drug rehabilitation center, was opened forty years later after the accident. But, this hospital was ill-famed for its cruel and corrupted personnel. The reason for shutting the hospital down in 1963 was a drastic increase in patients who had earlier visited the hospital and had started taking the drugs prescribed by its doctors.

The current information says that the North Brother Island is abandoned and overgrown with forest, and the hospital is in a destructive state.


Aren’t the stories related to each island chilling and spooky? Yes, it is frightening. All such abandoned and mysterious islands have a story to tell. All you have to do is search for them to discover them. There are even the smallest islands in the world that are mysterious as well.

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