Top 7 New Age Technical Gifts for Males Trending This Year 

Top 7 New Age Technical Gifts for Males Trending This Year 

 If women are fond of fashion, then men are mad for having various technical things in their room, bag, drawer or anywhere. They get themselves busy with using or playing around those technological gadgets, which make their day.

There is one more thing that creates confusion among males is to present a beautiful gift to another male. No doubt when gifting a girl, every man has many ideas. However, difficulties arise when you have to gift a boy during his birthday or wedding ceremony; after all, he is your closest buddy.

Many gadgets are available in the marketplace or in the online platform from which you can select the perfect one for the gift. We suggest you here to choose something unique that your friend will remember throughout his life. To help you in this regard, we have prepared a list of top technical gifts for males that will make the task easier for you. Here they are:

Do you want to present the perfect gift for your closet buddy? Why not Bluetooth Shower Speaker this time? It is undeniably the great idea to make his birthday or wedding function more memorable.

This device is small and 100% waterproof making it an effective one for your friend. The weight is very light, and one can carry easily in a bag or backpack while travelling or enjoying in the shower or pool party.

Vital Attributes:

  • 10-hours battery life
  • Loud HD sound
  • Build-in-Mic for hands-free calling
  • Connect easily with any device within 6 seconds
  • Fm Radio


$34.99 – $54.99

  • USB LED Clock Fan

Technology has reached its peak and surprisingly, goes beyond the imagination. The perfect example of it is the latest gadget for men called USB LED Clock Fan.

The main USP of it is the flexible neck and soft fan blades, which guarantee complete safety. Your friend only has to plug it into any USB port that may be of PC or laptop and get gentle air to feel better while working.

Vital Attributes:

  • Real-time clock display
  • No noisy electric motor
  • Lighter weight
  • Just on/off button to start fan and clock display
  • Cool breeze


$14.00 – $25.00

  • Multi Charger Organizer Docking Station

When it comes to gifting your buddy, give him a convenient and useful device. Here, we are talking about a wireless charging pad for furniture which can be Install under the table in a matter of minutes with the tapes or screws provided.
This gadget is highly practical for Apple Users as they can charge their smartphones, cell phones, tablets, and other electronic items.

There are 6 well-organised charging units, and it takes less space than an iPad.

Vital Attributes:

  • Fast charging
  • Removable dividers
  • Suitable for families and businesses
  • Suitable for iPhone 8
  • Silver and black colour


$40.99 – $69.99

  • Waterproof drone

Are you planning for something unique to present a technological device? We are here suggesting you buy a waterproof drone.

It is suitable for all weather conditions, even in the sea or overland. It is well-designed and compact to use for purposes like aerial filming, fishing, ocean survey and many more. The body is strong, and the camera is fitted firmly inside it.

The primary benefit of this device is the GPS module that helps in smart flight and accurate hovering and braking.

Vital Attributes:

  • Auto Return home function
  • FPV Screen of the Remote Controller
  • 90 minutes of charging time
  • Landing gears
  • Carry case
  • Waterproof Colour Camera
  • Two carbon fibre landing frames


$1899 – $2100

  • Coffee Mug Warmer

Who does not love coffee? Everyone does, and so is your close friend. If his birthday is just around the corner, plan a surprising gift for him. Here we are explaining coffee mug warmer.

It will be a fantastic gift to present to your friend because it has been provided with many features. It has the high power up to 35W that is useful in the winter too. The mug also has separate high and low-temperature keys according to the outdoor and indoor temperature.

Vital Attributes:

  • Heal all beverages
  • Auto shut off function
  • Applicable on all types of flat bottom cups
  • Energy and electricity savings
  • Best for home and office use


$25.00 – $30.00

  • Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger

It is something that perhaps the most crucial among all because that will benefit your friend during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Gift him the Smartphone sanitizer and universal charger.

This product promises to kill bacteria and germs up to 99.99%. It has been clinically proven UV-C bulbs that sanitise your entire phone. Your friend can charge it with one USB port and USB-C port for charging.

Vital Attributes:

  • Variety of Colours available
  • Reflective Interior
  • Charge your Smartphone too


$78.99  – $85.00

  • Beanie Winter Music Hat

Do not miss the opportunity to present the wisest gift on your friend’s birthday. The Beanie Winter Music Hat is one such item that is useful as well as enjoyable for everyone.

It has a built-in stereo speaker that can charm your ears with rousing music for the maximum 15-20 hours. However, the charging capacity may differ from company to company. You can do hands-free calling with microphone thanks to the efficient Bluetooth connectivity.

Vital Attributes:

  • Keep underwater headphones warm
  • Excellent battery life
  • Left and right speaker
  • Remove Bluetooth during a wash
  • Occasional USB connectivity


$17.99  – $21.99

Conclusion – The Financial Aspect

Above mentioned gifts are no doubt the precious ones, which will bring a smile, and he feels gratitude towards you. One thing that is for sure is that these gadgets are costly, and there might be a chance that you do not have enough savings to purchase them.

What will you do?

Do not feel disappointed because borrowing money can be a wise decision to make. You can approach a bank or direct lender for having a loan, but remember, the latter option may finance your needs quickly.

When you are finding more details of any of these gadgets on the online platform, take your mouse towards another tab on Google and find loan options too.

Once you do it, you will have many reliable loan products to choose from. As we said that direct lenders are more prone towards quick funding, so it will be wise for you to avail their same day loans. It is because you want to gift your friend as early as possible.

Buy any of these technical gadgets with borrowed money and make your bond with your friend stronger than ever.


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