Top 8 Tools for Cloud Automation Testing

Top 8 Tools for Cloud Automation Testing

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way companies do business. This is because, with the help of cloud storage, businesses can now use a variety of data storage, cloud productivity software and collaboration services on a pay-as-you-go basis. Also important is that many cloud storage solutions are highly automated and secure. Furthermore, with the test automation cloud, it has become even more better than others and as a consequence, the increase in the number of cloud testing tools can be attributed to their growing popularity among IT systems administrators and end users, who have observed their advantages with regards to all kinds of means for file transfer, access and sync.

With cloud computing, you don’t have to worry about going over your set storage space limits as you can easily rent or purchase more space as needed. At home or in an office setting, you may have heard about issues with storage management, but with cloud storage, these issues become increasingly more difficult to address as it grows in popularity among businesses and individuals alike

Introduction to Cloud Automation Testing

It is of the essence to go for a test automation cloud if you want to offer a seamless experience to your customers and better meet their growing demands. Cloud automation testing ensures that all your applications are up and running as per expectations. It gives you the ability to check and re-check every aspect of an application, eliminating issues before they become major problems. With cloud

 automation testing, you can achieve a higher level of quality for your cloud-based applications. This kind of testing, thus, is an integral part of the DevOps culture that aids in promoting efficiency in managing an application’s lifecycle from development to operation and maintenance. With a cloud storage, an organization has complete control over the amount of storage they use and how much they are charged for it. It enables the organizations to expand or compress their storage capacity by modifying their data retention policies as and when required.

Best Tools for Cloud Automation Testi

Cloud automation testing tools automate various cloud-based tasks. Their main use is faster manual testing and running tests in parallel. With cloud automation testing, you can make use of remote servers from private or public cloud platforms using a single point of control to conduct your tests. With a cloud testing tool, you don’t need to install any software or hardware to test the performance of any online system. Additionally, you can use this tool to analyze applications after they have been moved onto the cloud so that you are able to manage your company’s applications more effectively. With the test automated cloud tools listed below, the organizations can choose any tool for their testing.

 1.     Nessus

Nessus is a comprehensive cloud-based, enterprise-class vulnerability assessment solution. The software functions as a security scanner that lets you search for vulnerabilities in your network and across the services your host on it. The app also lets you find flaws in common operating systems, including Windows, Unix and Linux.

       The tool offers an intuitive interface, enabling users to easily create audit and compliance reports. Nessus also includes helpful online documentation, training and support resources.

        Nessus can also help identify vulnerabilities in web-based applications such as W3AF and Burpsuite. Software vulnerability scanners are a key component of network vulnerability assessment tools like Nessus. 

The main aim of the tools is to deliver an enterprise vulnerability management solution. Furthermore, it keeps the user’s experience simple and easy.

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2.     LambdaTest

LambdaTest is a test orchestration and execution platform that allows manual and automated testing of web and mobile apps It supports Selenium, Cypress, Playwright, Puppeteer, and offers instant on-demand access to 3000+ desktop and mobile environments for browser compatibility testing.  The platform provides over 3000 real browsers, devices, and operating systems for instant, on-demand testing. Additionally, it integrates with popular CI/CD tools such as Jira, Jenkins, TeamCity, Travis CI, etc. The inbuilt debugging tools enable testers to identify and resolve bugs quickly.

With LambdaTest, you can quickly create tests in any web browser, automate repetitive tasks on a website and be able to run these tests wherever you want without installing anything on the machine.

3.     CloudQA

CloudQA takes into consideration that the modern web has shifted away from individual testing professionals to a collaborative, DevOps-style approach. CloudQA provides businesses with a QA solution that is scalable and affordable at the same time.

       It is highly scalable, and there are no complex setups or configurations needed to do so. For DevOps teams, this tool offers a new way to tighten their DevOps processes by eliminating the need for creating test scenarios and other test scripts.

       All you need to do is set the parameters you want to monitor, and that’s it! Also, with CloudQA, you now have access to an extensive library of automated test scripts that run through more than 20 different actions.

Cloud based QA testing is becoming the most gaining momentum in the automation testing market. It eliminates all these challenges by offering the much-needed resources from remote locations.

4.     Wireshark

Wireshark makes tapping and troubleshooting network traffic simple and possible for everyone.  It can also be used to analyze traffic between two hosts to find problems and security breaches. This way, if the user is on a Linux workstation, the user can record, intercept and analyze network packet data by using various tools. 

       Also, the tool comes with many preconfigured capture filters that allow users to filter specific network packets they are looking for. It can be used for troubleshooting, analysis, development and education. Wireshark provides you with the ability to discover which processes are using your local network.

       Wireshark can be used to intercept and analyze both wired and wireless network traffic. Furthermore, the flexible capture filter language is still an important feature of Wireshark tool.

Wireshark is helpful for network administrators when they need to determine what packets to examine.

5.     Blazemeter

Blazemeter is an easy-to-use cloud tool built to cross all stages of software development lifecycle. It gains its flexibility from the possibility to test over various mediums and your applications reaction in such environments.

       Not only does it provide users with a graphical user interface that is easy to read, it also allows them to capture volatile customer interaction and how their applications react.

       Furthermore, Blazemeter gives test teams the ability to create custom tests and workflows as well as configure performance testing parameters and arrival rates.

Additionally, this tool makes it possible to capture volatile customer interaction, which is particularly important for websites. Test teams can use Blazemeter to develop custom test scenarios and workflows, configure performance testing parameters and arrival rates.

6.     Subject7

Since the advent of software development, companies have struggled to create faster, better and more consistent methods with which to deliver their product or service. But with Subject7, the process has become much easier.

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       As one of the most popular Software Testing Services Companies in the market today, the team at Subject7 have seen first-hand how their customers have gained a competitive advantage by hiring mobile app automation experts to test their mobile apps, without having to learn a programming language.

       They specialize on various software testing services for “Mobile and Web Applications” including Quality Assurance, Mobile Application Testing, Android App Testing, Cross Browser Compliance Testing, Mobile Web Application Testing, Functional Testing and Mobile App Test Automation.

Its patented technology has been designed from the ground up to embrace automation best practices.

7.     ZeuZ

Today, automation tools are mostly based on scripts, requiring testers to have experience with scripting languages to get the most out of them. And script less solutions can be difficult to use for people without scripting experience. ZeuZ solves that with an innovative all-in-one solution that’s so easy even new testers get productive quickly.

       ZeuZ Automation is the brainchild of top programmers of internet platforms with a decade-long experience in building test automation solutions. It’s designed to make your automation more efficient, flexible and fun.

       Made with a user-friendly GUI, ZeuZ scripts can be created in seconds, executed quickly, and easily generated reports of test results. Also, multiple types of tests can be executed in one session by means of multipurpose testers. 

If a script fails to trigger on a web or mobile application due to unexpected events, ZeuZ’s AI triggers text messaging alerts to your device with details about what happened at that moment.

8.      testRigor

testRigor’s visual programming language (VPL) enables testers to create tests without code, enabling them to test web, native, and hybrid apps as well as mobile browsers. It can help you create sustainable QA testing processes through simple test routing, execution, and reporting.

       The Tester-driven Automation framework provides an automation engine that lets testers quickly create advanced tests by connecting their low-level commands in the VPL, while letting developers automate complex interactions with the application without writing code.

       The tool’s intuitive language editor and simple yet powerful test runner is purpose-built to deliver QA teams both a quick ramp-up time along with the ability to easily build advanced automated testing scripts.

Their software uses AI to convert these natural language tests into executable code that can interact with your app or website just like a real tester would, providing clear and actionable insights in real time.

Final Thoughts

Cloud testing tools recommend companies to adopt a hybrid cloud strategy that builds a combination of on-premises and cloud-based services. It enables organizations to outsource the activities that don’t directly contribute to company revenue, while retaining those functions that are vital to maintaining its core business while improving overall efficiency. However, adopting this strategy is not easy as it can lead to performance issues due to variability in the hybrid cloud environment. To ensure that every element runs efficiently, it is essential for organizations to utilize a cloud testing tool across their hybrid infrastructure.

The test automation cloud allows a business to conduct test runs on individual or multiple components of software applications, and identify the bottlenecks and inefficiencies at the earliest stage of development. This saves the company’s overall cost, as well as time, when it comes to fixing bugs or identifying issues with performance. Hence, it is highly advantageous for organizations to consider implementing a cloud testing solution.


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