What are the Best Tools for Mobile Web Application Testing?

What are the Best Tools for Mobile Web Application Testing?

If you are an individual app developer, or you run an app development company, you must have an idea of how hard it is to finalize an app before releasing it. The most time-consuming stage is just before the launch of the app. Once the app is built, developers spend most of their time re-running tests and debugging possible flaws.

In this blog, we will discuss some best web application testing tools that can help you in speeding up the process. These automated tests can support multiple app development languages and provide you detailed bug reports after analysis. Moreover, some of these tools also provide debugs to remove those errors.

It doesn’t matter if you want to develop an MVP app, or an application with unlimited features to offer; automated tests can provide you easy solutions and can be proved as a cost-efficient method. You can trust these tools as most of them are recommended by the best mobile application development companies.

How can Mobile Web Application Testing Tools be helpful?

Before we move towards the discussion of these tools if you have doubts, how can these tools be helpful? Well, let me explain to you in simple words.

  • Automated testing: One of the best features of these tools is automated testing. These web application testing tools can do a detailed analysis of your app scripts and run them on real devices or emulators to check their functionalities. Doing it manually is a time and effort consuming process.
  • Bug detection and removal: Application testing tools use real devices and emulators to check the performance of an application. Hence, they can detect any anomalies which might occur after the final release of apps. Moreover, these reports of bugs will have their location included in the document along with their debugs to cure these anomalies.
  • Time-saving: Automated tests save testing time and enable you to release multiple apps if you want. Moreover, most of these tools do not ask for any alterations in native scripts used in building applications.
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Top Web Application Testing Tools

   1. Kobiton

Kobiton is an automated and manual testing tool that allows you to perform app testing on various devices. You can use Kobiton to test iOs and Android apps on any of your choice of devices to make sure that your app works fine.

Kobiton can help you in identifying possible errors in your app. Following this, it will generate tickets for each fault along with their debug solutions.

Notable Features

  • Test your application on real devices anytime;
  • Get an instant health report of your application according to any devices;
  • The platform claims to boot devices and load apps faster compared to its alternatives;
  • Combine internal devices with Kobiton mobile test cloud to scale the testing capacity;
  • Use DLM to collaborate with multiple team members and share real-time analysis with them.

  2. Robot Framework

This open-source automation framework lets you test your iOs and applications to detect flaws and curate them. Robot Framework is free to use without any need for licenses. You can use Robot Framework to test web applications on multiple devices.

Notable Features

  • It supports cross-platform testing;
  • The tool can adapt Python or Java libraries to increase its capabilities;
  • The framework is built by using Python, Java, .NET;
  • Many leading industries are using this automated test in their apps;
  • To predict actual results, you can go through detailed reports and logs.

   3. Espresso

Espresso offers customized small, predictable, and API core. The automated test is comparatively faster compared to its alternatives. The tool is designed for developers to help them in improving their productivity. With the knowledge of the codebase, developers can unlock their full potential.

Notable Features

  • This tool is used for Android app testing;
  • It supports manual tests created by using Java or Kotlin languages;
  • It offers simple and easy API to its users;
  • Espresso Test Recorder lets you record the performance of your application.

   4. Selendroid

Selendroid web application tests can be used on emulators and real devices to test applications. It offers an automation framework to test the UI of Android and Hybrid applications. Moreover, it comes with a document explaining the process of installing and using Selendroid.

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Features of Selendroid

  • Selendroid is used to test Native and Hybrid applications;
  • The tool offers compatibility with JSON Wire Protocol and Selenium 3;
  • You can use different locators to find UI elements and do the analysis;
  • Built-in Inspector is used to simplifying test case developments;
  • The built-in Android driver web view app can be used to display the mobile web.

   5. Appium

Appium is an open-source test automation framework designed to test native, web, and hybrid apps. Moreover, the tool is designed to test iOs and Android apps. The main concept of this tool is that no native app will need any alterations to automate the test.

Features of Appium

  • Appium supports apps built on any language;
  • Appium provides freedom of automated tests without having to recompile scripts;
  • You can reuse codes for the testing process for multiple apps;
  • Appium desktop allows you to record gestures in form of codes;

   6. MonkeyTalk

This open-source web application tool allows you to convert its test script in Java. You can test Android and iOs applications both in this tool. The tool requires no jailbreaking to run automated tests. Moreover, iOs scripts can also be used on Android applications.

Features of MonkeyTalk

  • The tool comes with a 60 free trial period;
  • You can use it for functional testing of hybrid and native apps;
  • The app allows recording of tests, modifications, and playback;
  • Its simple script can be used by new developers or professional developers, both;
  • The tool is supported on Android and iOs devices both.

Now, in the end, we hope that we have provided you with an effective solution for your app testing issues. With the help of these tools, you will be able to generate better quality apps than before.

In case, if you are not a developer but you are looking for services related to app development, we suggest you hire remote mobile app developers as they are less costly and can provide you more personalized services.

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