Top 9 Websites to read Webtoons Manhwa in 2021

Top 9 Websites to read Webtoons Manhwa in 2021

Those who are discovering Webtoon for the first time will be confused What is a webtoon? How did they get there? What is the attraction of webtoon? The Webtoon comic genre nowadays is booming and seems to have established itself as a brand to assist the Korean comic village in reaching out to the rest of the world. Come along with me in this post to discover more about Webtoon! The term webtoon is a combination of the terms website (Internet) and cartoon (animation). Webtoons are manga that has publishing on the internet. It also exists in the form of a mash-up of comics and animation. The Webtoon genre started in Korea and had thrived by 2014.

Webcomic was the original name for online comics in Korea, but it changed to Webtoon later on.  Webtoon content is also diverse, including comics and stories in different genres such as humor, romance, horror, criminal psychology, so on.
Because of the peculiarity of online comics, the design differs from that of traditional comics. Online comics are a vertical layout, making it users easy to scroll up and down when reading stories on their phones. Some comics include animations, 3D, sound effects, and background music to excite the reader’s imagination, resulting in a layout trend for comics later in Korea. The number of people reading stories online is growing by the day.
If you’re getting started with this platform and do not know which reliable websites to visit, this post will summarize the best places to visit.


Webtoon is also known as  It is an online comic reading application that is gradually changing the reading habits of young Koreans over the past decade, and it started spreading all over the world, including the US. Unlike traditional comics that read horizontally from frame to frame, Webtoons allows readers to scroll up/down vertically to read stories. In Webtoon, there is no concept of a collection of cover art and turning of pages.And what else? Unlike traditional comics, Webtoon offers 100% free content, meaning readers don’t have to pay any fees to read the stories.  Webtoon has more than 500 webtoons from Korea, 50 webtoons from the US for readers to read free webtoons.

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2. is one of several big websites that allow creators to freely post works and earn income through advertising commissions or Manhwa readers are primarily from the United States, Canada, and South American countries, with the rest from the world. has a few differences compared to other websites. Firstly, in addition to comics, also offers a fiction genre so readers can explore this platform thoroughly. Second, has not yet provided readers with free reading rights. Users need to pay to read manhwa and read reviews. But in the future, this platform will change some interfaces include free reading.

A website reading manhwa that you should not miss is This platform is worth your while because of its features. This website has an easy-to-use interface for users include beginners. In addition, the site offers high-quality images, which can be said to be a plus point of this site.
So, if you are a foreigner who does not speak Korean, how will you be able to read the manhwa and use this website? Don’t worry, the site has automatic translation loaded, so you can simply use the functions. Furthermore, the website has an English translation for your comfort.

4. Manytoon comics
Manytoon is the best webtoon app, partly because it owns the my stepmom masterpiece with the most user-friendly interface available today, providing a fun experience for you. Manytoon supports viewing ads and you will earn coins from this. That coin you can use to buy stories that you like.Of course, you need to pay to read the series you are following, but don’t worry about that because this website is implementing a plan to update the story for free for users.

  1. is the best webtoon app, and it’s free if you’re looking for a good app to read webtoons. Of course, this program contains premium purchases, but you may read it for free with limited functionality.
It gives you endless choices for entertainment. So make sure to prioritize WeComics on your list of best and free webtoon apps. You can watch ads to get functions that help you read more seamlessly favorite webtoons.

Another site you should try is It can be considered a new website for users. Although it publishes later, its functions are not inferior to other websites. The interface of this website has been upgraded as there are easy-to-operate user support toolbars. The series is updated daily, and they are completed free. There are many genres of webtoon for readers to explore.

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7. brings you popular webtoon works translated into many different languages. Story stores are divided into categories by author or content for easier search, if you buy paid works, the story will save to your Favorites, and you can enjoy it anywhere any time you want. allows you to enjoy a wide variety of stories from serials that are updated every day or completed series that can be read through once. You also have the opportunity to become a translator if you share your translations and share in the profits from the stories you translate and download the application to be a translator if you want.

8. is an online manhwa reading application with a  manhwa, manhua style, quite useful for today. The application is created with rich comic genres to give readers moments of relaxation and fun. Furthermore, the app is visually appealing, offering a variety of stories from which to choose. If you are a lover of reading, you should not ignore this world’s most meaningful comic reading application.
As a manhwa reader application, almost all manga series have been copyrighted by the publisher’s application. You’ll get regular updates on new manga chapters and be able to store your list with
Your favorite manhwa to the server and sync any device you’re signed in to.

9. is a digital manhwa platform that delivers the best manhwawebtoons right in your hand, and it’s completely free. With a wide variety of comic genres, is here to provide entertainment for your convenience. With extremely useful functions such as turning on notifications for users or having sounds accompanying each series to help readers not get bored. A plus point of this website is that it has a column that categorizes stories by genre to help users can easily follow.

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