Top Healthcare Apps in the US Market for a Healthier Lifestyle

Top Healthcare Apps in the US Market for a Healthier Lifestyle

Summary- The US market is flooded with healthcare apps for different purposes. Thus, it can be overwhelming to pick the right apps for your requirements. In this blog, we are covering the top six healthcare apps that offer a variety of features to help their users in improving their health.

 The concept of mobile health apps saw a major boost during Covid-19 when these apps turned into effective tools to educate people against Covid. Not only that but, healthcare apps also helped users in improving their lifestyles by using the app regularly. A Statista report shows that South Korea had the highest percentage of adoption of mobile health apps with 135% during Covid compared to January 2020. Even the US saw a rise of 30% in the adaption of mobile apps during the Covid compared to January 2020.

Now, healthcare apps offer a variety of features to assist their users. These features can document maintenance and storage, access emergency healthcare services anytime, order medicines, keep track of fitness, count calories, and more. Furthermore, in this blog, we are listing down some of the best healthcare apps products developed by the seo companies in united states popular in the US market to know them better. These mhealth apps can be helpful for you as well in building a healthier lifestyle. So, without further ado, let’s begin with the list of these top health apps-

  1. BetterHelp- Therapy

As the name suggests, BetterHelp is a healthcare app designed to make mental health therapies accessible 24×7 for everyone. The app includes over 20,000 therapists from across the globe with qualifications such as PhDs in psychology. These therapists are experienced members of the BetterHelp network who provide their services through video calls, calls, and texts. To begin using the app, you need to fill out a questionnaire first. On the basis of this questionnaire, you will be matched with a therapist that can help you out. The therapist that you are connected with can help you in attaining better mental health. Additionally, you can conduct these sessions in a private therapy room to ensure a safe experience.

Download BetterHelp for Android and iOS

1. Teladoc

The on-demand healthcare app is designed to offer you 24×7 healthcare access. Until now, it has been trusted by over 50 million users across the globe. You can find a doctor instantly for mental health, dermatology, everyday care, allergies, acne, skincare, etc. Additionally, this app supports various healthcare insurances as well and if you do not have one, you can still avail of healthcare services by paying a small fee on the app itself. To use the app, you can either request a visit by submitting your medical history or talk to a doctor directly from the app itself. Either way, Teladoc ensures that you have access to the best possible healthcare. The information that you share on Teladoc is secured and protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

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Download Teladoc for iOS

2. mySugr

The best app for diabetic patients out there, mySugr is equipped with all features to help you in living a healthcare and cautious lifestyle. The app supports connecting with your smart devices, helps you in keeping track of your diabetes reports, calculates your insulin, and does more. You can also log your meals in the app along with information such as the time of the meal, name, pictures, location, carbs, blood glucose, etc. Additionally, with active challenges designed to make you healthier, you can improve your health and remain active. Some additional benefits of installing this app are access to blood sugar graphs, estimation of HbA1c, daily, weekly, and monthly reports, and more.

Download mySugr for Android and iOS

3. Sweatcoin

Among the most popular healthcare apps, Sweatcoin maintained the first position in terms of popularity among unique visitors in the US in August 2022. The app had 15 million unique visitors that month compared to 12.5 million unique visitors of Fitbit. Sweatcoin is an app that rewards users for walking. These rewards are also called Sweatcoins and can be used to make purchases on marketplaces, claim bonuses, and more. The app supports wearable devices and can use them to track your fitness activities better. However, it includes its own algorithm which does not require you to share your location. Instead, the app can count your steps by using these algorithms themselves.

Download Sweatcoin for Android and iOS

4. Fitbit

This fitness app offers you several challenges that can help you in attaining a healthier lifestyle. The app offers guided programs that can help you in starting out and train your body in the right way so you can make the best out of your physical activities. There are graphs as well representing data such as your activity routines, heart rate zones, cardio history, and more. You can also track your sleep cycle from the app itself to ensure you are having a proper rest as it matters the most in order to maintain your health well. Fitbit can be used on your Android phones, iOS devices, and on smartwatches too. Additionally, there is a premium version of the Fitbit app as well which you can unlock by subscribing to an upgraded account. However, to test the premium version, you can avail of a free trial which you will have to cancel before the renewal period so you are not charged anything.

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Download Fitbit for Android and iOS

5. MyChart

Last but not least, MyChart is designed to help you in securing your healthcare data in a single place. The secured app offers safe storage where you can secure test results, appointment data, medication data, and more to access them anytime and anywhere. The appointment manager also helps you in managing your appointments easily so you never miss them. You can also add your family members on the app and with their permission, you can review their health data as well to ensure that their healthcare is monitored and taken care of. There is a message feature as well that allows you to directly connect with your healthcare provider team or access healthcare assistance faster such as nearby clinics and more.

Download MyChart for Android and iOS

Well, these were some of the digital products developed by the best healthcare app development companies across the globe that are offering US-based users the best possible healthcare-related features. Some of the names such as Sweatcoin and Fitbit have received recognition among top apps as well and received nominations from app stores like Google. So, you can pick any of the above-mentioned healthcare apps and take care of your health better.


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