Unconventional Insurance Coverage Of Indian Celebrities

Unconventional Insurance Coverage Of Indian Celebrities

You may have gone for a life insurance policy in order to ensure the future financial security of your loved ones. You may even have chosen an accidental insurance rider or other add-ons. But for our beloved Indian celebrities, the sky is the limit for insurance! What happens if your income is dependent on your limbs, face, voice, or physique? Did you know that insurance can be purchased for the same as well? We’re not kidding! Here’s taking a look at the unique insurance coverage plans of many of our Indian celebrities.

Why is Insurance Important?

Insurance is essential to cover the financial risk that any misfortune poses. For example, it can be an accident that leaves you disabled or the loss of the primary breadwinner due to a critical illness. It can even cover the loss incurred due to theft, medical bills, damage to a vehicle, etc. To cover all these events, there are specific insurance policies. For example, the loss of life is covered by life insurance, meaning that the family of the policyholder gets financial support if they die during the policy tenure.

Indian Celebrities with Strange Insurance Coverage

From John Abraham’s gorgeous drop-dead appearance to Vijender Singh’s moves, our celebrities have a lot at stake. From Lata Mangeshkar’s ethereal voice to Neha Dhupia’s perfect hourglass figure, there’s more in store! Hollywood celebrities were always known for their unique and bizarre insurance coverage ideas. It seems our B’ Town stars have taken a cue from them majorly in this regard.

  • John Abraham

Remember John Abraham in Dostana back in 2008? We bet you do! It got the attention of an international company, which promised to insure him for a whopping Rs. 10 crores! The company’s identity is still unknown, although John Abraham may have taken the offer!

  • Mallika Sherawat
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Mallika Sherawat has reportedly insured her body for a whopping Rs. 50 crore! Whether this insurance plan actually happened is unknown, although a spanner in the works was that the production companies who signed her had to reportedly bear the surcharge involved!

  • Neha Dhupia

Being a former Miss India and Bollywood star, Neha Dhupia maintains a good physique. However, reports state how the insurance company that offers financial coverage for Jennifer Lopez’s derriere approached her, since they were apparently bowled over by her too!

  • Vijender Singh

Vijender Singh, one of the leading boxers in the country, has insurance coverage for his hands. This came after his triumph at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The amount, however, still remains a mystery!

  • Lata Mangeshkar

Lata Mangeshkar, the doyen of Indian music, when alive, had her magical voice insured for an undisclosed amount. Suffice it to say that it will certainly be a mind-boggling figure if ever revealed!

  • Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza, tennis icon and inspiration, has reportedly insured her hands sometime back. Unfortunately, the amount is also unknown in this case, although it seems like a wise decision on her part!

  • Amitabh Bachchan and Rajinikanth

Mr Bachchan has reportedly insured his voice while copyrighting it to prevent its usage for unfair commercial activities. Rajinikanth, South Indian movie legend, has also insured and copyrighted his unique voice.

To sum it all up, going by the insurance policies of our beloved superstars, it can be said that you can almost insure anything these days! However, while you’re looking for unique things to insure, do make sure that you have basic life insurance in your portfolio at all times.

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