Top Lead Magnet Ideas for Your Online Store

Top Lead Magnet Ideas for Your Online Store
Lead Magnet Ideas for Your Online Store (1)

When it comes to online business and e-commerce, building relationships with visitors is everything. Chances are they will not convert into a customer the very first time they visit your online store. But what you can do is build a relationship with them through lead magnets – get their email addresses to keep in touch. 

These days, due to the high number of spams, people are reluctant to give up their email address. This means that your lead magnet has to be attractive and engaging enough to overcome this fear and make them subscribe. For example, you might have come across this a lot online:

“Sign up to subscribe to our weekly newsletter!”

Upon seeing something like this, did you sign up? Probably not. However, by making it more compelling and offering something to your visitors, you can get leads. For example, 

“Download our 2020 SEO checklist for free!”

This is an amazing example of a lead magnet, as you are offering your leads something free in return for their email address. As simple as that. 

What Are Lead Magnets?

Before moving any further, let us understand what a lead magnet is.

A lead magnet is an engaging piece of online content that offers something valuable to the website visitors in exchange for their information like email addresses and names. You can think of a lead magnet as a bribe to the visitors to make them subscribe to your online store. There are excellent lead magnet examples which can help you entice your visitors and convert them to be your customers.

Lead magnets can be special discounts, coupons, e-books, freebies, exclusive content, and anything that can be received via email. By providing great content, your visitors subscribe; thus, you get the leads without annoying your customers. 

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The success of your magnet depends upon the content and design of your platform, so get in touch with e-commerce website solutions Dubai company today and upgrade your online business platform. 

Why Lead Magnets Are Important for Your Online Business?

Here are several reasons why your online business needs good lead magnets:

  • For generating quality leads

If your special offer is for specific visitors and addresses a target audience, a good lead magnet will help you attract potential customers that are already interested in the product that you are offering. 

  • Lead Magnets Are Engaging 

Well-crafted and good lead magnets have the power to generate thousands of leads in a short period of time. Good leads are engaging and attractive because they offer a solution to the customers for their problems and can be irresistible.

  • They Promote your Brand 

 Lead magnets like e-books, case studies, and educational videos help you promote your brand in the industry as an expert. With these lead magnets, you can show your customers that you are a professional in your industry and know how to help them with your expertise. 

  • They can be shared 

Lead magnets provide you with links that can be shared with a lot of people and can be embedded in your blog posts, guest posts, etc. Hence, they help increase brand awareness and provide you with quality links for your SEO. 

Lead Magnet Ideas for Your E-commerce Online Store 

The kind of lead magnet that is best for your business depends upon the industry you work in and the audience you deal with. You can create whatever content you want when it comes to magnets, and the possibilities are endless! If you are wondering, here are some of the most popular lead magnet ideas for inspiration. 

Lead Magnet Ideas for E-commerce Shopping Platforms 

If you have an e-commerce shopping platform, getting a loyal customer base can be a challenge, but with the right lead magnet, it will become a lot easier. Here are some of the ideas:

  • A free coupon 
  • Free shipping 
  • Gift cards 
  • Special discount codes 
  • VIP membership 
  • ‘How to use a product’ guides. 
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Lead Magnet Ideas for SaaS Businesses

Getting customers and leads can be difficult for SaaS companies because their products and software often have a high price. Therefore, lead magnets are essential for these companies to build trust with their viewers. So, here are a few magnet ideas:

  • A free 30-day trial period 
  • A free demo of your service/ software 
  • Free premium access 

Lead Magnet Ideas for Consultancy Services Company/ Information Products 

If you are offering consultancy services or dealing with intellectual property, you can attract more leads by using magnets with good quality content. Some of the expert-recommended ideas include:

  • Free e-books 
  • Podcasts 
  • Audio recordings 
  • Infographics, reports, and graphs 
  • Free webinar with experts 
  • Mini-course delivered via email 
  • Information content 

For more ideas, you can also look at what your competitors are offering as lead magnets for inspiration. Don’t copy their strategy, consider consulting with an e-commerce solution company in Dubai such as Spiral Click to help you create your content, and redesign your online platform. 

Lead Magnet Ideas for Digital Services Companies 

If you are running a digital content creation business and looking for expanding your customer base, lead magnets are the way to go. Here are some of the lead magnet ideas you can use for your business:

  • Free templates 
  • Free designs 
  • Free graphics and images 
  • Behind-the-scene videos of your content generation 
  • A special discount on the first-come-first-served basis 
  • Free limited online courses or tutorials 

Create Best Lead Magnets for your Viewers! 

Your lead magnets should be a part of your brand and your online store. It has the power to affect your brand image and identity as it attracts people to experience your products. These are some of the best lead magnet ideas for your business that can make your website more engaging and appealing. The idea behind lead magnets is simple, give your viewers something they need or they will love, offer a deal – and that’s it!

Remember, if your magnet is engaging, you will see a boost in website traffic! 

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