Top Reasons to Buy Kia Cars in 2022?

Top Reasons to Buy Kia Cars in 2022?

A South Korean global car maker, Kia automobile has its headquarters in Seoul. It is renowned as a second-biggest car maker in South Korea and is also one of the veterans in car making. Since its landing in Indian market in the year 2019, Kia cars have gained immense popularity and name for being absolutely reliable. This brand come equipped with 10 years and 10,000-mile warranty which is a rare to achieve warranty offered by any automobile brand. Also, the make of these cars promises refined engine alternatives which are not only powerful but also eco-friendly. In addition to the aforesaid features, it also offers complimentary 5-year assistance till a coverage of 60,000 miles which is a part and parcel of its warranty coverage.

As per the ranking offered by NHTSA and IIHS, Kia car models are rated highest for their distinguished safety features. Kia India has registered an aggregate sale of 2,27,844 units in the year 2021, which are inclusive of domestic sales of 1,81,583 units, combatting supply-related hitches throughout the year.

What are the features sported by Kia cars?

Every car owner has a specific preference for car brands. Among all the car brands gaining pace at popularity in India, Kia has carved a distinct place for itself. The manufacturers have clear expectations from their dream car, since every machine is crafted powerfully. With its strong global presence, this brand is finding space in Indian households. Kia cars at Droom are listed along with their respective price ranges, features and history. Buyers can check these options and sort the best one that fit their buying needs.

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Some of the excellent features sported by Kia cars are enlisted below:

  1. Global recognition: This leading car brand has recorded multiple accomplishments and accolades over the past few years. It has secured top position in the JD Power Quality study, which presents report car owners’ satisfaction. It has also been accredited with International Best Road Safety Awards, since its make incorporates safest technology safeguarding the drivers from any risks.
  2. Versatility: Kia cars have distinct make and models which meet the distinguished needs of every car driver. It is a car for every age group driver and appeal to both regular as well as elite.
  3. Great Reviews: This brand has secured various awards in regards to offering great customer satisfaction. With a massive 25-point lead, Kia cars stand way ahead of their competitors and top the ranking chart by recording great customer satisfaction.
  4. Price: Kia cars are manufactured using top notch technology which churns out vehicles of superior quality. Designed using highest quality materials to assure great durability and high-end safety to its customers. These cars are proven to offers great value for money and have thus become an undisputed choice of car lovers across the globe.
  5. Economical and environment friendly: This is yet another key aspect wherein Kia cars display their brilliant engineering practices. These environment friendly cars promise great fuel utilization along with promising great comfort with trendy sportiness.
  6. Upbeat technology: Automobile industry has undergone great revolution that is backed by state-of-the-art technologies to ensure safety and excellence. With electrical vehicle (EV) market pacing ahead, Kia is bent on launching electric vehicles very soon.
  7. Great appeal: With the great performers but every single Kia model has its own appeal. The designs are driven by elegance, class, and versatility along with incorporating safety features such as dual front airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, and mounted side airbags. These cars also come with backup cameras, roll-over mitigation, and blind-spot detection that make them one of the safest vehicles to take on roads.
  8. Warranty: Kia cars come with a lifetime coverage of world car insurance. Also the maintenance falls very easy on pockets.
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Final Thoughts…

All the above reasons, Indian buyers love to purchase Kia cars immediately. With its great name in automobile world, Kia come across as superior car models. All the models rolled out by brand Kia have great review as performance, elegance, and value for money.


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