Towing Guide: Flat Towing Vs. Trailering Pros & Cons

Towing Guide: Flat Towing Vs. Trailering Pros & Cons

Sometimes, we have to move a vehicle from one point to another. There can be various reasons for towing your car. No matter what the reason for towing is, there’s not a general way to tow a car.

There are many ways to do it. Also, you can do it by yourself or get any professional towing in Duluth MN it is all up to you. Your choices rely a lot on what sort of car you need to tow since not every technique will work for all the vehicles. You need to ask the towing service near me about the technique they use,

Here, we’ll take a look at both methods and their pros and cons. We’ll assist you to figure out which one to choose so you can get on the way!

What Is A Trailering Service?

In a car haul or trailering service, they put your vehicle on the elevated platform of an auto carrier trailer. The trailer will then move the vehicle to a destination site. From there, you can easily take your vehicle.

Pros And Cons Of Trailering

  • Pros

Lessen Vehicle Wear And Tear

While driving by yourself from one town to another, many people experience mechanical issues. Few people end up retiring their cars due to full breakdown after a long trip crossing the estates.

The auto trailer safely places your car into trucks and gets your car to your new house intact. It, consequently, guarantees that your vehicle will be in your place safely.


A lot of people believe that the cost of hauling a car is high. The expenses incurred from lodging and gas will likely overshadow the money you give to the professional shipper.

When you haul your auto by professionals, you pay an inclusive rate fee. Instead of numerous costs spread throughout the journey, you would be dealt with if you do it yourself.

  • Cons:

Late delivery

When you move your vehicle by yourself, you’re under the supervision of the entire operator. It means that you can have your car right after it reaches your new residence.

Though, if you hire professionals, the company will decide the delivery date. However, most companies are willing to work according to your schedule. Yet, the waiting time is unavoidable.

Regardless, your vehicle might reach later than expected; hence, if you can’t wait around for the delivery. The best thing is to transport it on your own.

Lack Of Customer Service

If you want to deal directly with the carrier, you may find it hard to have them for updates. Furthermore, they may not have enough traffic in the geographic region where you would like to transport your car.

Consequently, a transportation company might not be capable of providing the service you want and need.

What Is A Flat Tow?

Flat towing is a means to pull along an auto so that all of its wheels are on the road. It is also known as dinghy towing, four-wheel towing, or neutral towing, etc. It’s a famous way to haul four-wheel-drive vehicles or cars behind huge motorhomes or trucks.

Moreover, you only require a smaller pair of tools to hook another car to your RV or vehicle in a flat tow. The effort and time required to arrange a flat tow are lesser than the other towing techniques.

Pros And Cons Of Flat tow

  • Pros


One great benefit of flat towing is that it’s just the quickest way to attach and detach the vehicle being towed when you set it up. To begin towing, you need to place the vehicle behind your RV or truck, set up the bond. Then, you’re ready to go; you don’t need to lift two wheels or the entire car off the road.

Moreover, after arriving at your destination, you need to disconnect the towed vehicle. Then, you can drive it since all four wheels are there on the ground. Convenience is a huge aspect to consider, particularly if you plan a long trip with several stops where you require to drive the towed vehicle.

Good For Storage

One more reason to go for flat towing is the considerable space savings. You can have enough storage as compared to trailer beds. If you choose flat towing, everything you want to do, a flat tow will fit in your garage. Therefore, it makes this technique an appealing one if storage space is a problem.

  • Cons:

The cost

Setting a vehicle for flat towing can cost a little more than the amount you’d have for other trailering. It is primarily due to the extra equipment required and the induction costs by a professional.

Limited choice

There are limited choices of tow vehicles. The reason is the vast amount of vehicles can’t be flat towed. You can’t even think about them. You only have a quite small pool of autos to select from.


Well, as you can see, both have their facts, for and against. Therefore, there are some considerations that you should study. Again, it is not a one-fits-all solution here. Evaluate the pros and cons and decide which is best for you. Finally, do your research and make your preference based on your situation. Have happy and safe travels, my friends!


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