Transfer Microsoft 365 Mailbox to Another Account – In Expert’s Way

Transfer Microsoft 365 Mailbox to Another Account – In Expert’s Way

This blog is specially designed for those users who are seeking for an easy solution to transfer Microsoft 365 mailbox to another account. The aim of this write-up is to aware the user to perform data migration projects conveniently and smartly in Microsoft 365 without facing any difficulties.

Follow the complete blog, and by the end of this write up you will get a fruitful solution for the same.

But before proceeding further, Let’s have glance at real life situation here.

User Query:

I am wondering if there is an easy way to transfer Microsoft 365 mailbox to another account. My company is consolidated with other company and now I have to perform this data transfer operation. I have used some tool but those were showing errors while migrating data. Anyone kindly suggest any way or tool for this task.

Thanks in advance.


Rapid adoption of Microsoft 365 and massive growth of merger, consolidation, and acquisition activity within the businesses, leave them, dealing with complex data migration projects in Microsoft 365. In the user query, he wants a solution to perform  Microsoft 365 data migration easily.

As, there are two ways to perform this operation either using the manual way or using the automated tool. Let’s discuss both the methods one by one.

Manual Approach to Transfer Mailbox to Another User Microsoft 365

The manual way to carry out this migration project is quite tough and tedious, as it consists of technical scripts of PowerShell and to perform this operation one should be technically sound. Moreover, it has its own limitation and minor mistype in these scripts can result into multiple errors in this operation. Along with this it requires multiple logins of admin and user accounts.

Automated Approach to Transfer Microsoft 365 Mailbox to Another Account

Many industry experts recommends using a professional tool of data migration projects in Microsoft 365. We suggest you Office 365 To Office 365 Migration Tool to transfer Microsoft 365 mailbox to another account. This is an enough capable utility to move emails, contacts, calendars & documents safely. Some of the highlighted feature of this utility are listed below –

1 – It migrate users, admin, domain and user mailbox from Microsoft 365 account to another.

2 – It gives a date-based filter facility to migrate selective data of a date range.

3 – User mapping option to create the mapping between source Office 365 tenant & destination Office 365 tenant.

4 – It is capable to migrate multiple types of data migration in Microsoft 365.

5 – It supports bulk Microsoft 365 mailboxes migration.

6 – Provides delta migration option to migrate newly arrived data in the source accounts.

7 – It also supports account-based priority migration.

Follow the given steps to accomplish this task.

Simple Steps to Transfer Microsoft 365 Mailbox to Another Account

1: Download, install and run this utility on your machine. Now in the home screen choose Office 365 as the source and the destination migration platform.

Steps to Transfer Microsoft 365 Mailbox

2: From the workload selection, select the desired item categories like emails, contacts, calendars, documents. Now, use the date-based filter, integrated into this utility for desired date range data, if needed. Enable migrate document permissions and also use group mapping options and click on next.

Steps to Transfer Microsoft

3: In this step Login with the source and the destination admin credentials, i.e, Admin ID & Application ID and click on the validate button.
Application ID

4: Create user group mapping between the source and the destination accounts. In order to accomplish this task, use any of the three options provided in this utility and those are: Import Users, Fetch Users, and Download Template.
Import Users, Fetch Users

5: After the successful user mapping, click on the validate, in order to validate permissions.

, click on the validate

6: After the validation of all the required permissions, click on the start migration button in order to transfer Microsoft 365 mailbox to another account.

Microsoft 365 mailbox

7: Once permissions are validated click on the Start Migration button to transfer Microsoft 365 mailbox to another account.

Free Trial

Users can avail free trial of this utility in order to check it’s working and performance. They just need to download this utility and in order to use the trial version, they need to activate it. The free demo account would be provided after the activation.

The Final Verdict

Migration queries are now arising very often, and understanding the challenges faced by users. We have decided to guide our readers by writing this blog. We have shown the possible solutions here, users can choose accordingly whether they want a manual approach or an automated, easy, and safe approach for this operation.

However it is suggested to use the professional utility. By using the above given professional tool one can carry-out migration easily without having any prior technical knowledge.



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