Transfer the MBOX files quickly into PST format

Transfer the MBOX files quickly into PST format

Transfer all your MBOX files into PST format in an effortless manner by downloading this MBOX to PST Converter for Mac tool. The application is a sophisticated app and can be used by any user even if they are not from a technical background. Transfer MBOX to PST tool is advanced and designed by many qualified professionals.

All the MBOX files of the user are transferred into the Outlook format safely and securely. Users also have many suitable options to save their transferred MBOX files. Anyway, this smart application is easy to handles and also easy to operate. Users have full freedom to transfer their MBOX files of any size. Moreover, this application is a highly compatible app that can work in any version of Windows from XP to Vista. The application also supports any version of the MS Outlook from the edition 2003 to the 2010 edition. Also, using this application users are free to transfer a bulk amount of MBOX files. In a few simple steps, the result is provided by the application. Users can select the files that they want to transfer. In addition, every time an accurate result is provided to the user by the application. It is fully an independent application that transfers the MBOX files directly into the Outlook PST format and does not require any other application so that the user can completely go through the transfer process.

The transferring of the MBOX files is easy. It is an efficient application that a user must use. Downloading this MBOX to the PST transfer tool will be a great option for a better result that a user must get. Try the trial version of the application now.

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Steps of transferring the MBOX files

Steps to transfer the MBOX files into Outlook PST files that a user must follow:

Step 1- Download the Transfer MBOX to PST tool in your Mac or Windows Operating System

Step 2- Start the application

Step 3- Add the MBOX files that you want to transfer

Step 4- Select the Output format

Step 5- Choose the destination at which you want to save the transferred Apple Mail MBOX format

Step 6- Finalize the transferring process by clicking on the “Convert” button

These are some easy steps that a user must follow for transferring the MBOX files into the Outlook PST format.

Features of the app

Features of this application that helps in easy working of the app are given below, let us look at some of these features:

  • Any size transfers: – The MBOX to PST Transferring tool provides full freedom to the users for transferring their MBOX files into the Outlook PST format. Users are free to select any large-sized MVBOX files or any small size MBOX file for transferring. The MBOX file can be MB or GB. The application instantly does the uploading of these MBOX files.
  • Bulk transferring of data: – Users can select more than a single MBOX file for transferring the data. The application scans and previews every single MBOX file then transfers it to Outlook PST format. A bulk transferring of the files is enabled by this software.
  • Specific files are migrated: – The MBOX to PST tool is designed as per the needs of the users. Therefore, with the help of this application users can select specific MBOX files for transferring. A specific transferring of files is done every time. Therefore, the desired result is served to the user by the app.
  • High Compatibility speed: – The application works smoothly and swiftly in any of the Windows versions. Moreover, any edition of MS Outlook is supported by the app. Therefore, by this amazing feature, the application can be used for both personal and professional purposes.
  • Few steps transferring: – In a few steps, users can transfer the files into the MBOX format. It is a self-expressive application. This is a simple to operate tool that a user must use.
  • High accuracy: – A highly accurate result is provided to the users every time. The properties of email like cc, bcc, to, from are transferred by this amazing application. The originality of the application is maintained by the app. Any alteration of the data is not done in the whole transfer process.
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Final statement

Users must download this Transfer MBOX to PST tool for transferring the MBOX files into Outlook PST format in just a few minutes. The application is designed by highly qualified professionals so that the users can get the desired result. Without any interruption, the transferring task is completed by this app.

Users should try the demo version of the app, this demo version is free for all users. Users can transfer few MBOX files to Outlook PST format by this demo version. In addition, if any user faces any kind of problem regarding the transferring of the MBOX files, they can contact the customer service of the app.

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