Import MBOX files into Gmail account in any Windows Operating System

Import MBOX files into Gmail account in any Windows Operating System

Now, user can import any size of MBOX files into Gmail without any barrier. The importing is proceed with an advanced feature. Any user can import the files without any issue. The imported files are well arranged by the application. Without any technical assistance the importing process is done by the novice user. At an instant this importing is completed at a high speed.

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What is unique about this app?

The application provides some of the amazing features that makes the application unique. Let us discuss some of these points to know about the application thoroughly:

  • Easy handling of the application is given to the user.
  • Import multiple MBOX files in one go without any interruption
  • Can work on any Microsoft Operating System without any hurdle.
  • An error-free importing is done by this smart application
  • Perfect importing is done
  • No technical help is required for doing the task, user can see the steps and then can perform the importing task easily in just a few clicks.
  • In a few steps the importing process is processed

These are some of the specifications which makes this application a better platform to use.

How to import MBOX files into Gmail?

For importing the MBOX files into Gmail there are few steps to follow. Below are some of these steps:

Step 1- Download the software and then launch the software.

Step 2- Choose the MBOX files you want to import

Step 3- Select the Gmail files you want to export

Step 4- Enter the username and password of the Gmail account

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Step 5- Select the folders at you want to save

Step 6- Click on the upload button

These steps can be performed by any novice user. Without any technical help these steps are performed.

Attributes of this smart importer

The software has some of the smart features which helps the software to work in an easy manner. Discuss some of these features of this smart software:

  • Smart importing

User can import any size of MBOX file into Gmail files. Numerous MBOX files are imported in this smart application in just a single click.

  • Few steps importing

The importing is done in a few steps with this smart application. These steps are easy to perform by any user.

  • Bulk importing

User can import numerous amount of files by this smart application in bulk. This multiple importing is done with good quality.

  • User-friendly interface

The application provides a healthy user-interface for the users so that they can import the files easily with no user interface.

  • Selective MBOX files to Gmail

User can select the MBOX files to import or can automatically convert the MBOX files.

  • High speed importing

The importing process is proceed at a high-speed without any hurdle. With an instant the application imports the files.

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