Asus ZenBook Flip S review – the Most Demandable Laptop for Today!

Asus ZenBook Flip S review – the Most Demandable Laptop for Today!

Before buy a laptop always read Asus ZenBook Flip S review and then proceed. A laptop like Asus ZenBook Flip S today remains no more a luxury. Instead, it is a requirement! This is an exclusively designed smart device that has features similar to a computer system. Unlike desktops, laptops are portable and have higher memory capacities.

What Makes Asus ZenBook Flip S among Exclusive Choices Today?

The newly introduced Asus ZenBook Flip S is a two-in-one laptop that is available at an affordable budget of $1,450. It will be the first laptop that will feature the processors and GPUs belonging to the eleventh generation. Better performance is for sure guaranteed, thus letting you to complete the entire process in a hassle free manner.

This newly introduced laptop is inclusive of Thunderbolt 4 along with Wi-Fi connectivity. The beautifully designed OLED screen will give a crystal clear view. Hence, it will not affect your eyes at any cost. Some of the exclusive configurations that make this system highly exceptional include:

2.8 GHz Intel Core –& processor


1TB M.2 PCI 3.0 SSD

Intel Iris Xu Graphics

13.3 inch OLED panel reachable to touch

What about the Design of Asus Zen Book Flip S?

The newly launched Asus ZenBook Flip S is exclusively known for its stylish as well as elegant design. It is especially meant for professionals that remain involved in business meeting. Though all laptops look gorgeous, but the Zen Book Flip S will help in elevating your impression after it is taken out from the bag.

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You will come across some laptops that are available in a wide range of colours. Surprisingly, Asus Zen Book Flip S model is inclusive of Jade black colour along with highlights belonging to Red Copper. The inclusion of the Asus logo on the system, that serves as a hallmark. The sides having diamond cut design will be able to catch every little beam of light, finally resulting in sparkling.

What about the Security Features in Association with Asus ZenBook Flip S?

In terms of security, the Asus ZenBook Flip S is high. No third party will be able to access your laptop randomly. The webcam is exclusively compliant for visual logins. The laptop is inclusive of a lock key namely Fn. It ensures that nobody will be able to turn your webcam without your prior permission. The latest technology enhanced its security into more efficient way and your data is protected.

The ports play an important role in the laptop. Having a slim frame, there is not much room for ports. But Asus has successfully prepared to let users enjoy working with the same. The USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A port and the power button have helped in easing the overall functionality of the laptop.

Few Details about Ports and Jacks!

For the purpose of featuring new standard of connectivity, the laptop is inclusive of the HDMI port and Thunderbolt 4 ports. Notable improvement in Thunderbolt 4 is inclusive of full speed data on the cables having length of 6.4 feet. Surprisingly, the new port will be in a favourable position to support one 8k monitor and two 4K displays.

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Being a multi-purpose laptop, it is not inclusive of jack for headset. No worries! If you want to listen to music, then you will be able to connect your headset through Bluetooth. The newly launched model of Asus will permit you to enjoy the latest contributions of technology. Once paired, you will be able to enjoy your desired music as usual. Find more Tech review at


  1. Is the keyboard in Asus ZenBook spacious?

Ans. – Yes, the keyboard is inclusive of an island-style with large keys. The spaces between keys are generous even after being a skinny system.

  1. What about the number pad?

Ans. – You will come across the number pad on the touchpad itself.

  1. Is the laptop good for gamers?

Ans. – yes, having appreciable graphics; it is a suitable choice for gamers.


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