Types of locksmith services offered by Locksmith in Brunswick Maine

Significance of locksmiths in our daily life:

Although we called a locksmith many times to our house, office, or shop we are unaware of the fact that this profession is called a locksmith. We mostly call them lockmaster or lock experts that’s why the term locksmith may be a little new for some people. Importance of a locksmith in our life no less than a doctor by any means. In case if get locked in place and start feeling suffocated, in such a situation only a professional locksmith can save our life. Apart from these locksmiths are the ones which make our houses safe from any type of unauthorized access by installing highly advanced locking systems. Locks and locking systems are very specific things to understand which is only possible for a professional locksmith. So that’s why there is absolutely no alternative to a locksmith.

Types of locksmith services:

Here are the types of services rendered by Locksmith in Brunswick Maine and other such companies.

Residential locksmith:

This type of locksmith is specialized in residential locks and security systems. These are the most common type of locksmith services. The main job of a residential type of locksmith is to assist you to re-enter your home during lockouts. They come into play in situations like losing your entry door key or being locked inside.

A residential locksmith is specialized to perform the following tasks:

  • Panic hardware installation
  • Duplication of high-security keys
  • Installation of high-security deadbolt
  • Installation of UPVC doors and locks
  • Installation of keyless entry locking systems
  • Emergency lockouts
  • CCTV installations
  • Smart home security system installation

Commercial locksmith:

Commercial locksmiths offer their services on commercial buildings, like office complexes, shopping malls, schools, hotels, warehouses, and others. Such places mostly require high advanced locking solutions with different security clearance from a particular type of people. Based on those with key-card access or master key systems. Biometric system or remote keyless system installation also comes under the working domain of commercial locksmith. Some buildings need high-security padlocks for filing cabinets, safes where important secret and sensitive data is stored. A commercial locksmith must stay updated with the latest lock and key technology to provide essential knowledge which keeps the properties of their safe and secured. While contacting a commercial locksmith always look for a practical experience.

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Automobile locksmith:

An automobile locksmith is specific for car door locks and locking systems used in the automobile industry. These days most cars are equipped with both electronic and smart key systems to provide multi-access to the owners. So, if your vehicle has a smart key then it will be almost impossible to bypass it. Only an experienced and properly skilled with a complete understanding of it can open or fix it. They will help you to gain access to your vehicle at any cost. An auto locksmith can also provide a duplication or replacement of car keys and can update or repair your remote control.

Key cutting:

Key cutting is considered an easy thing. A lot of people think that anyone can do it. To some extent, they are right because with such modern tools residential key cutting seems to be a piece of cake. However, some complex locks have special types of keys that require a properly experienced locksmith for handling. These kinds of locks are mostly found in automobiles with an electronic transponder or complicated commercial locks. For computerized auto keys, the locksmith has to get that unique code from the manufacturer of the car.

Institutional locksmith:

Institutional locksmiths offer their services on government facilities such as schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants, etc. An institutional locksmith generally offers these services at any government-held vicinity.

  • Key control
  • Lock installation
  • Building management system installation
  • Installation of card access systems
  • Installation of a visitor management system
  • Key making and replacement

An institutional locksmith also needs to have some extra certifications and some paperwork for every job. Bureaucracies and authorities make a little tough for a locksmith to work there very less proportion of locksmiths become an institutional locksmith.

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Forensic locksmiths:

It’s the most sensitive and delicate area of the locksmith industry. A forensic locksmith is described as one who uses scientific methods to understand and dissect a lock system. A forensic locksmith studies locks and other security devices using scientific methods of gathering and analysis of data to determine how a lock was breached, opened, bypassed, or nullified. They also help in crime investigation, security information, and insurance claims. A forensic locksmith can combine the vigilance of an investigator with a skillset of a locksmith. They may not be part of the team which solves complex crimes cases but they provide effective insight, facts, and evidence which makes investigation easier.


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Here are the techniques which forensic locksmiths mostly use:

  • Photography and microphotography
  • Metallurgy
  • Microscopic examination
  • Disassembly of a device Tool mark identification
  • Collection and preservation of evidence
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Locksmithing
  • Communication both verbal and written


The whole above discussion is enough to understand the type of locksmith services and the importance of a locksmith. There are so many different situations where calling a locksmith is not just good but vital. Before hiring the services of any locksmith don’t forget to conduct a simple background check on their skill and experience level. Make sure that he is well qualified in the type of skills which you are looking for.

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