Video Intercoms: How They Can Benefit Your Multi-family Building

Video Intercoms: How They Can Benefit Your Multi-family Building

A multi-family property, such as an apartment building, must include an intercom system. It permits residents to interact with their guests and control who has access to the building. A reliable intercom system can provide extra security levels and make it easier for property managers to monitor residents and building activity.

Consider upgrading to a video intercom for buildings, residents, and property managers looking for a more efficient way to interact with guests and manage their homes.

Before listing the benefits of video intercom, let us first understand what a video intercom is.

What is a video intercom?
Modern intercom systems with cameras are called video intercom systems. The intercom delivers video and audio recordings of guests who request to enter the residence to a homeowner. Residents can then verify the identity of the person asking permission before unlocking the gate or door. Apartments with video intercoms also give residents the option of opening the door for guests using smartphones or in-unit hardware.

There are two types of video calling available on multi-tenant video intercom systems. Through one-way video, only the resident can see the guest at the door; the guest is unable to view the resident. Two-way video enables the resident and guest to view one another.

Benefits of video intercom:

  • Visual verification

Traditional buzzer intercom systems only let building occupants verify voice guests before allowing them inside. However, it may be challenging to hear the person on the other end of background noise from outdoors or a poor audio connection muddles the sound.

Residents may visually check guests and confirm their identification before allowing them admission using a video intercom system. Only those visitors that are anticipated can enter the building, keeping it safer.

  • Upgrade with ease
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The front door of most multi-family units already has an intercom system, and each apartment has its intercom device. A quality video intercom system can easily replace the older model and constantly makes use of the wiring already in place, resulting in lower installation costs. The in-unit intercoms in each apartment do not need to be connected to a video intercom system that uses a mobile app. Instead, homeowners can receive calls on their tablets or smartphone, which minimizes the need for wiring inside each unit for the new system.

Upgrading to a video intercom system is not only simple and inexpensive, but it also significantly increases the value of your home. Most of the residents now demand facilities like video intercoms and are willing to pay a little bit more for them.

  • Remote access

Even when they are not at home, employees and residents can provide access to the facility to guests, delivery services, and service providers using a smart video intercom. From a cloud-based platform, managers can also remotely modify permissions.

  • Delivery management

For buildings without a delivery area or on-site managers to accept deliveries, video intercoms are effective package delivery alternatives. When their delivery comes, residents can get a video call and remotely open the door. Residents are no longer concerned about the delivery being left outdoors or things being stolen.

  • More convenient features

A video intercom system provides a ton of practical functions for both residents and property managers, in addition to enhancing guest access and delivery management. Keyless entry systems help residents to exchange their keys with an easy access code, reducing the possibility of a lockout and minimizing the need to order new keys.
Residents may confirm guests from the convenience of their tablet or smartphone and remotely unlock doors using a video intercom system that operates on mobile devices. Today, renters are used to these characteristics and searching for these advantages when selecting an apartment.

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