VideoProc Converter Review – Free high-speed converter for 4K video

VideoProc Converter Review – Free high-speed converter for 4K video

‘Unsupported file type’ error happens due to the limited format library available on devices and platforms. For instance, iPhone sometimes fails to read videos recorded by cameras, or footage captured by GoPro and drones may not be playable on phones or social media. Video converter thus comes in as a troubleshooter for such compatibility issues. A converter can decode and recode video file, compress large file size, and modify bitrate and ratio aspect, making unsupported format readable to your desired video players.

So how can you pick a good video converter? In today’s review, we’ll take a detailed look at Videoproc Converter, a one-stop video processing tool for Windows and Mac.

About VideoProc Converter

VideoProc Converter is a leading video conversion software, which wins great popularity around the world. What makes VideoProc Converter prominent is the unique level-3 hardware acceleration. It takes full advantage of Intel, AMD, NVIDIA GPUs, and Apple M1/M1 Pro/M1 Max. This is to say, this fully GPU accelerated tool makes it possible to reduce CPU usage to 2%, optimize file size to 90% smaller, boost processing speed to 47x real-time faster, and keep the quality unchanged.

This multifunctional software provides total solutions to video converting, compressing, editing, downloading, screen recording, and DVD copying. VideoProc Converter is absolutely one of the most versatile video-processing products you can find on market, which satisfies all your video-related needs.

VideoProc Converter startup screen

  • Converter: Transform your footage to compatible format and make it playable, editable, and shareable. Embedded toolbox equipped with basic editing features.
  • DVD: Backup and edit DVDs, ISO files right in the software. Protect old and classic DVDs.
  • Batch Downloader: Download videos and music from online sources in clicks.
  • Screen Recorder: Capture valuable moments with three recording modes. Highlight your best plays, live stream, online course and so on.
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VideoPorc is an overwhelming choice for both advanced and average users. A wealth of features enables creativity. In addition, step-by-step user guides and demo videos are provided on the website. Even if you are new to video, you can still handle VideoProc Converter with ease. The product supports multiple languages, including English, Français, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. In general, the intuitive interface makes it hassle-free for beginners to navigate the software.

Time-Limited Giveaway

GoPro Hero10 giveaway

Currently, VideoProc Converter full-version is free for a limited time. Download and try the product, and you get the chance to win GoPro Hero10 or equal cash. Don’t miss this marvelous giveaway! Meanwhile, you can also access this page and find complete tips on how to make cinematic GoPro videos using VideoProc Converter.


Why to Choose VideoProc Converter

Support Numerous File Formats

This universal converter embraces 370+ input codecs and 420+ output formats. Popular or rare, VideoProc Converter literally handle video footage from any device as easy as pie, such as GoPro, DJI, drones, camcorders, monitor units, car DVRs, DVDs, smartphones, and tablets. All you need to do is drag files in the converter and select a target format. VideoProc Converter offers you a straightforward answer to the unacceptable file format issue.

Flexible Presets for Various Devices

For convenience, ready-made presets for players and platforms are prepared, including but not limited to Apple, Samsung, Android, Huawei, YouTube, and Vimeo. No worries if you have no idea about what is HEVC, H264, VP9, MOV, MKV, TS, etc., you can simply choose the output device.

Output video format for iPhone devices

No.1 fast video processing software

Powered by full GPU acceleration, VideoProc Converter promises a faster and smoother experience. The process can achieve 47x real-time speed. Thanks to this exclusive feature, the software edits large 4K/UHD/10-bit without the computer being frozen or crashed, even low-end PC. Besides, VideoProc Converter can compress video size up to 90% while keeping the original quality.

Accessible video editor

The built-in toolbox helps you touch up video footage with a diversity of editing options. You can trim, cut, crop, merge, split, rotate, and flip a video, or add effect, watermark, and subtitles to a video. It allows you to transform a video into GIF, 3D to 2D, make M3U8 and MKV video, and take snapshots. Customized adjustments to FPS, resolution, and aspect ratio are also feasible. In short, you can produce stunning works with these features.

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Most importantly, VideoPorc Converter is skilled at processing large, high-resolution GoPro videos. It can easily stabilize wobbling images, lower background noise, and fix fisheye. The world’s No.1 compression feature reduces file size by 90% and remains high quality. VideoProc Converter also enables quick editing to your Gopro video.

VideoProc Converter is also for music lovers. Whether you need to extract audio from video, transform unplayable music to popular format, or upgrade audio to 5.1 surround sound, this robust tool is here to help.

Batch Downloader in high speed

Inbuilt downloader supports 1000+ sites and downloads online videos, music, a whole channel, playlist, and live streams. Within clicks, a batch of files is stored. You can log in with your social media account to access your watch later playlist. Similarly, you can adjust the video/music to your ideal formats.

Smooth Screen Recorder with high quality

The screen recorder allows you to record screen, webcam, or both at the same time in PIP mode with system audio and voiceover. You can capture the full screen or crop part of it. Green screen function is available for making a more creative and fun video. It records gameplay, live streams, online lesson, meeting, presentations etc. without crash or lag.

Pros of VideoProc Converter

  • Quick set-up and user-friendly interface.
  • GPU hardware acceleration greatly speeds up video editing and transcoding.
  • Optimizes file size without sacrificing quality.
  • The versatile tool provides a one-stop video processing service: converter, editor, downloader, recorder, and DVD copy.
  • Supports all popular file formats and produces high-quality outputs.

Cons of VideoProc Convertor

  • Doesn’t work on Linux.
  • The free trial has limited features and only allows files under 5 minutes.


VideoPorc Converter is a quality-oriented, high-speed tool. If you’re looking for a stable, easy-to-use, quick, and multifunctional software to process videos, VideoPorc Converter is the compelling choice.

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