The best way to protect private conversation — signal jammer

The Internet came into human life in 1969. For the first time, the Internet was installed in a big company. Later, people all over the world could use it. Now we can’t imagine our life without smartphones and the Internet. It helps to work online, find information, and to speak to each other whenever you are. But modern devices have one problem – the possibility of information leakage. There is one way to protect your smartphone. Use the cell phone signal jammer for business conversations or others. How does it work? It is an appliance that makes a protective roof. Inside this sphere, it is impossible to use smartphones and other devices. It guarantees safe information during the conversation.

How the jammer found

The phone blocker was found a long time ago. But it was for military or strategic purposes. The military used such devices to protect themselves from wiretaps and prevent the enemy from transmitting the information. And employees of strategic facilities eliminated interference to aircraft. The jammers came to the market after 2001. It was the first time a small company could buy the device for work.

It is interesting. The instrument was set up in churches so that clergy could conduct services. It was necessary to keep the silence.

The King of Jordan was the first person who contacted the company to invent a communications jammer for the temple. Engineers at Image Sensing Systems produced the first silencer commissioned by the king. Since that time, phone blocker has been used all over the world.

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Where a cellular jammer is used

Mobile signal jammers are most often used to protect information from leakage. Telephone jammers could be in large corporations, buildings, facilities, and detention centers.

This device provides a means of eliminating interferenceю. That devices are used for:

  • hospitals, clinics, and sanatoriums;
  • research laboratories;
  • service centers.

Some cinemas, theaters, museums, and concert halls also mount mobile jammers. What is it there for? If the phone is blocked, it does not make noise and does not interfere with the rest of the people around it.

In the subway, communication suppressors help fight terrorism. Improvised bombs are most often detonated remotely by mobile communication. When the signal does not get through, there is no explosion. Recently, jammers have begun to be installed in schools and universities. Most often effective during exams so that students do not look for answers on the Internet.

Unfortunately, criminals use the device too. It helps them disable car alarms, interfere with tracking, disable Smart Home, and real-time video surveillance. But such instruments are not challenging to find.

How the device works

The jammer creates interference on a selected frequency. It is not signal attenuation but a robust white noise that prevents devices within a certain radius from receiving or transmitting data.

The jamming device consists of: a generator controlling the voltage, an adjustment circuit allowing you to select the frequency, interference source, RF amplification unit, and transmitting antenna.

The size depends on the power and the range. There are compact models, and large devices are installed at essential infrastructure facilities. The devices can work with different signals. The most popular models block is GSM, Wi-Fi, GPS, GLONASS, Bluetooth, and radio frequencies (FM).

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How to connect a jammer

To start using the handheld device, screw in the antennas, turn on the device and wait 10 seconds. After the start, all signals in the diapason will block.

If the instrument doesn’t work:

  • Unplug the device if it is on charge.
  • Turn off the machine, and unscrew all antennas.
  • Turn on the device to the power supply.

Restarting the jammer adjusts its correct operation.

A cellular jammer is a device that suppresses cellular signals within a certain radius. It can be stationary or portable. Avoiding information leaks, eliminating interference with other equipment, or maintaining silence in certain areas is necessary.

You can buy the appliance in specialized stores or online, as well as made with your own hands. But to use the device in practice, you need to go through a complicated registration procedure, which everyone does not approve. You can ask for specialists’ help. He will mount the appliance, explain how to use it, and check for correct work.

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