The Most Recommended Way to Study for Microsoft MD-100: Windows 10 Exam

The Most Recommended Way to Study for Microsoft MD-100: Windows 10 Exam

Preparation is a pretty important aspect of the exam-passing process. Even if you are an experienced professional, it will be useful to get acquainted with the topics, features, and secrets of the test you plan to take. If you think about the AZ-900 : Windows 10 certification exam, you can check this article as it shares some tips to get ready for this test. Let’s look at them in more detail.

  • Get Acquainted with the Exam Content (and Determine Your Suitability)

First of all, you need to get familiar with the MS-101 that you will face in the test. It is a fundamental point of the preparation process. You can get to know the exam domains closer using the skills outline. It is a document featuring an overview of the subject areas that will be measured in the test. Utilizing this tool, you can realize what is required to nail the exam. Therefore, you can understand how to prepare for the test. At the same time, the exam skills outline can help you realize whether you are suitable for this test or not. By the way, more information about the exam requirements can be found on the official webpage.

  • Consider Using the Official Training Course

If you want to prepare with the help of a tutor, you can think about using the special training course available on the exam webpage. This course lasts 5 days and covers various domains that are entailed in the test. It includes supporting and setting AZ-500 desktops in an organizational environment as well as installing, customizing, and updating Windows 10. In addition, it focuses on troubleshooting and managing Windows 10. It is important to note that the applicants need to have some experience to take this course. They should possess competence in performing installation and configuration as well as general local management and maintenance of the Windows 10 core services. Furthermore, the individuals need to have familiarity with cloud-integrated services and enterprise scenarios.

  • Try Your Hand at Practice Tests
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In the case you want to get some exam-like experience, you may turn your mind to practice tests. It is the possibility to get familiar with the features of the exam-passing process in advance. Besides that, it can give you an idea of MS-700 in the test are set and how you need to deal with them. In addition, practice tests can help you polish the skillset that is required for the exam as well as check your level of readiness.


All in all, you need to be serious about the preparation process if you want to clear the Microsoft MD-100 exam and prove your skills in the domain of desktop administration. It should be noticed that the list of the tips in this article is not exhaustive. Explore other resources to find even more pieces of advice and create a unique preparation plan that will fit your learning style. Work hard to complete the Azure Fundamentals on the first try!

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