What do The Matrix, The Mummy, Terminator, and Ted All have in Common?

So here, we have a 1999 sci-fi action series where the first two were strong movies, a campy action-adventure set amidst ancient Egyptian myths, an attempted reboot of an 80s classic, and a comedy featuring a living stuffed bear. Is the combining factor that Hollywood is, unfortunately, looking to add ill-advised sequels or reboots to these films? Most probably, but we can’t quite confirm as much.

Rather, these films of very different themes and budgets continue to thrill moviegoers both on the big and small screen in two key ways. Not only are they incredibly rewatchable, but they are also popularly replayable as officially-licensed movie slots found online.

Spinning the Hollywood hits

For online casino slots to even find a modicum of success in the ever-expanding ocean of games, they need to have an entertaining theme and features or mechanics that appeal to the general audience. When casino gambling at Paddy Power, it’s tough to look past the instantly-recognizable tiles of The Matrix, The Mummy: Books of Amun Ra, Terminator Genisys, and Ted: Cash and Lock – let alone those for The Naked Gun and Grease.

Of course, these four particular movies and slots were chosen here because, even though most official movie slots do well, they stand out as the more endearing of the bunch. It’s not a new practice to create officially-licensed slots of movies, but online games have come a very long way over the last decade. So, it won’t come as a surprise that these high-ranking games have all been made in the last five years.

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The big question is, however, which of these movie slots is the most popular and best to play?

Ranking the top Hollywood slots

Just missing out on a podium spot, it’d be fair to say that the Terminator Genisys slot game is the lower-ranking of these four in terms of popularity, which is almost certainly down to the source material. It’s still a popular official movie slot, but the movie is rather forgettable despite its high-profile cast and ranking third in the franchise, per The Numbers, at the worldwide box office. Still, the different features of the two time zones make it worth a spin.

Next on the list in terms of popularity is The Mummy: Books of Amun Ra. It returns forever-loved main characters, played by Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, and Arnold Vosloo, to the setting, pitting them in a new ancient Egyptian adventure. This time, the explorers seek the high priest’s sacred tomes to trigger the selection of five different free spins features. Among them, you’ll also find the Scorpion King (played by Dwayne Johnson).

Surprisingly, given the incredible acclaim that the film still receives, The Matrix slot missed out on the gold medal among these games. The cinematic marvel is fully utilized in its official slot, boasting Red Pill, Blue Pill free games, the trickling digital rain in the background, sticky wilds, and clips from the movie. The Matrix is a classic in every sense of the word and is only made more important for assisting in the making of John Wick.

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Hitting the top spot is Ted: Cash and Lock, which is helped by its December 2022 release. Being the newest official slot matters in this realm of entertainment, but the new Ted slot has maintained its position thanks to its novel features and fun use of the titular character. In the slot, there are two features: Ted and the Thunder Buddies Bonus. The former comes with free spins and an instant win, while the latter spin the Bonus Wheel that’s loaded with mini-games.

While they don’t all draw from the most popular films of all time, each of these Hollywood slots ranks highly among spinners for drawing from famous movies and infusing entertaining gameplay features.



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