Engine Borescope, Applications and Advantages

Taking apart a whole engine from a vehicle just to inspect one small part can be frustrating, expensive and time wasting.  And how about trying to reach those tight corners and confined spaces? Even more frustrating, right?

 If your work involves care and maintenance of engines then an engine borescope was invented with you in mind. A  Borescope inspection can be used to check hard to reach corners of your engine without taking it apart.  It is an easy enough process that involves using a handheld instrument for nondestructive inspection of the interior parts of the engine.

 In this post, you will get details about what an engine borescope really is, its applications and the pros of using it for your routine engine status checks.

What is an Engine Borescope?

 An engine borescope is a visual inspection NDT equipment used to observe small and hard to reach spaces within an equipment.  In this case an engine.

It comprises thin tubes that are either rigid or flexible.   The tubes have been fitted with camera lenses, a light source, and an eye piece.  These are then connected to a video display on the instrument.

Using an engine borescope is easy.  It involves feeding the tube into the engine part under examination, and monitoring its movement through the video display.  The display shows enlarged images of the small internal parts.

Applications of Engine Borescope

Engine borescopes are used for numerous applications that require checking how the internal parts of equipment and machines are working.  Some of the most notable applications are

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 In the aviation industry.  Airplane engines are complicated and taking them apart may be expensive, time consuming and not to mention, risky.  This is where an engine endoscope comes in.  This instrument can be used to check the condition of the engine without moving or damaging any parts.  A well maintained aircraft engine is an assurance of flight safety.

In the automotive industry.  They say how you take care of your car is directly proportional to how well the car serves you.  A car engine requires regular maintenance to avoid unnecessary breakdowns and costly repairs.  And it even helps avoid road accidents.  Routine monitoring of car engine parts using an engine borescope helps you achieve exactly that.  Inspection is done in real time and important decisions can then be made regarding the engine status from the observed results.

 Manufacturing industry. Engine borescopes are very versatile and can also be used in manufacturing processes.  Boilers, tanks, pipes, turbines, and other important parts of machines can be internally inspected for quality using the engine borescope.  Money and time are saved, accidents are prevented and stoppages during production are avoided

Advantages of Engine Borescope

Some of the notable advantages of using an engine borescope as a non-destructive test method are

  •         It can be used for checking the status of tiny, dark, and confined spaces
  •         Helps avoid disassembly of car and aircraft engines during maintenance therefore saving time and money.
  •         It is a thorough method of inspection and can point out tiny debris and other foreign materials.
  •         Fast and simple way monitoring engine conditions periodically
  •         Gives results in real time for fast decision making and avoiding car and plane accidents.
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 In conclusion, an engine borescope is a simple to use instrument that has an array of applications both in the automotive and aeronautical industries.  Some of the advantages of using an engine borescope is that it can scan dark hard to reach corners, saving the technicians the cost, effort, and time it would take to dismantle an engine or a part of a machine.

With all this information in mind, you can get started by finding a suitable engine borescope that can serve your individual needs at NDT-KITS.  With over four decades of industry experience, a dedicated team of engineers and excellent after sale service, NDT-KITS will offer you nothing short of the best engine borescopes in the market.

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